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We simplify your manufacturing.™ Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Screenshot of HyperMill CAD/CAM software from Open Mind Technologies

On IMTS spark, Software Programs Increase Efficiency in All Areas of a Machine Shop
Software systems that streamline processes, optimize toolpaths and enhance data collection are helping shops improve efficiency from the front office to the shop floor. Here are a few manufacturing software products to be found within IMTS spark.

Global Shop Solutions' ERP System Streamlines Production and Sales

Global Shop Solutions' ERP System Streamlines Production and Sales
Selecting an ERP software can be difficult. Finding a system that was flexible and worked with both sides of its business was important for Brunswick Steel as it switched to ERP from Global Shop Solutions. 

Global Shop Solutions' Cloud ERP Eliminates Need for On-Premise Servers

Global Shop Solutions' Cloud ERP Eliminates Need for On-Premise Servers
IMTS Spark: Designed to eliminate the need of on-premise servers and the costly IT support they demand, Global Shop Solutions’ cloud-based ERP software was specifically created with manufacturers in mind.

ERP Makes Documentation Fast, Paperless

ERP Makes Documentation Fast, Paperless
Touchscreen interfaces and digitized part and job data are the latest examples of an aerospace manufacturer taking advantage of its shop management software.  

ERP Software Gives Shop Control Over Scheduling

ERP Software Gives Shop Control Over Scheduling
After relying on time cards for labor tracking and dealing with hot stickers on almost every job, Watson Grinding switched to Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software for automated tracking and intuitive scheduling. 

Gear Motions Global Shop Solutions

ERP System Enables Gearmaker to Achieve Needed Agility
ERP software enabled a New York gearmaker to improve scheduling practices to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Global Shop Solutions Integrates Customer Feedback Feature into ERP Software
Global Shop Solutions integrates the Canny application into its ERP software to enable customers to more easily provide feedback.

Global Shop Solutions will display its RFID chip cards at IMTS 2018.

RFID Technology Rolls Three Management Processes Into One
IMTS 2018: Global Shop Solutions’ RFID (radio frequency identification) technology contributes to shop floor productivity by simplifying time, attendance and inventory processes.

ERP Software Applies RFID to Simplify Inventory Processes
Global Shop Solutions has incorporated radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into its manufacturing ERP software to simplify time, attendance and routine inventory processes.

Mobile CRM Software Enables Remote Access to Customer Database
Global Shop Solutions has released its Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product designed to provide sales people, customer service representatives and company executives who use the ERP system complete visibility of customer data from their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Michelle Pollock, A.B. Heller employee

A Manufacturing Road Map
This hydraulic system producer describes why and how it implemented an ERP solution.

More Than 1,000 Free Apps for ERP Offered
Global Shop Solutions offers more than 1,000 free, downloadable, custom applications for use with its ERP software products.

two machined parts

Get Ready for Growth
Making good parts is one thing, but making good parts in a process that is scalable is something different. Here is how one manufacturer rethought its production to prepare for opportunity.

robotic automation

The Unexpected Advantages of Robotic Automation
This shop justified the robot solely through improved use of labor. Other benefits came to light after the automation arrived.

ERP Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module
Designed for small- and medium-sized shops and manufacturers, LAUNCH2010 enhances the core functions of the company’s One-System ERP Solutions software.

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Attaining Synergy From Front Office To Shop Floor
By providing a centralized hub of real-time information, ERP software from Global Shop Solutions enables this shop to keep its finger on the pulse of the business. As a result, it can improve accountability, identify inefficiencies that need to be addressed and develop sound strategies for cost reduction and continuous improvement.

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