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GMN USA - Spindle Technology And Repair Service GMN USA, located in Bristol, Connecticut, is the North American subsidiary of GMN Germany, a manufacturer of high performance spindles, precision bearings, seals and clutches.

GMN USA - Spindle Technology And Repair Service

GMN has close to a century of experience in the development and production of machine tool spindles.

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GMN USA Appoints New President

GMN USA Appoints New President
Transferring from GMN Nuremburg, Konstantin Posehn became vice president of GMN USA earlier this year.

GMN’s Prelub GP.

GMN's Prelub GP Oil-Air Lubricator Includes Rapid Error Correction
Westec 2019: The GMN oil-air lubricator Prelub GP is designed for the application of machine tool spindles.

hydroviscous spindle damping cross section

What’s “Hydroviscous” Spindle Damping?
GMN's spindle technology uses "hydroviscous" damping to reduce natural vibrations on machine tools and grinding machines.

Spindle Repair Service, Sales
GMN USA says its repair service includes accurate, in-depth evaluation of incoming spindles; replacement or refurbishment of damaged components; dynamic balancing; extensive testing: and vibration/bearing condition analysis. Along with its repair services, the company designs and produces precision machining spindles.

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Grinding Attachments & Accessories
Maintenance & Repair
Milling Heads/Attachments
Replacement Parts/Repair Parts