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Company Profile

Greenleaf Corporation is a leading developer of cutting tool technology, specializing in the manufacturing of high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic inserts as well as innovative toolholding systems. Greenleaf continues to build on over 70 years of innovation, which centers on supplying customers with productive solutions to every metalcutting situation. Greenleaf Corporation is positioned to serve the evolving needs of companies in all major segments of the metalcutting industry including gas turbine, steel, medical, roll turning, automotive, machine tool and rail. Greenleaf's products are engineered to provide optimal performance against a wide range of materials under the most rigorous metalcutting conditions. In addition to specially engineered toolholding systems and a comprehensive line of carbide inserts, Greenleaf offers high-quality ceramic and ceramic-composite materials, which can be custom designed for specific machining applications. From its headquarters in Saegertown, Pennsylvania and a facility in North Carolina, Greenleaf maintains its commitment to pioneering breakthroughs in cutting tool technology and delivering productivity solutions to customers around the world.

A Message from Greenleaf Corporation

Featured Products

WG-700™ Ceramic InsertsWG-700™ is a completely new whisker-reinforced ceramic insert and is the most sophisticated ceramic insert developed by Greenleaf.

Ring Max™ Ring-Groove Cutters

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, Greenleaf's Ring Max™ line of ring groove tooling is engineered to cut the machining time of API ring grooves.

Excelerator® Ball Nose End Mills

Greenleaf's Excelerator® Ball Nose End Mills are the only ball nose cutter that is designed to use both carbide and ceramic inserts in the same qualified cutter bodies - providing more capability and versatility.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Greenleaf's Excelerator.

Greenleaf's Excelerator Available in Coarse and Fine Pitch Designs
Westec 2019: Greenleaf’s Excelerator end and face mills are designed for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials using either carbide or ceramic inserts in the same cutter bodies.

Greenleaf’s XSYTIN-1

Ceramic Insert Grade Effective in Variety of Difficult Materials
Eastec 2019: Greenleaf Corp.’s Xsytin-1 is a phase-toughened ceramic insert grade developed to complement the company’s ceramic insert cutting tools.

Greenleaf ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic Milling Products on Display
Eastec 2017: Greenleaf Corp. will showcase its full line of carbide and ceramic inserts and cutting tools.

Greenleaf's Xsytin-1 grade ceramic composite inserts

Ceramic Insert Grade Has Broad Range of Applications
When Greenleaf’s staff of researchers started exploring what they could do with a new manufacturing method to induce internal crystal growth within a silicon-nitride-based ceramic for forming ceramic composite cutting tool inserts, they "got pretty excited," as the story goes. They even named the new grade Xsytin—as in “excitin’.”

Greenleaf Appoints Director of Sales Director for Europe, Middle East, Africa
Dr. Robert Damaschek has industry leadership experience in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Greenleaf Appoints Global Manager of Tech Team, Marketing
Jan Andersson has previously worked for Kennametal and Sandvik Coromant.

Greenleaf Ring Max API ring groove cutter

Difficult Materials Are No Match for Ceramic Inserts
TNG Energy Services Inc. was experiencing inconsistent carbide insert life in valve grooving applications. Greenleaf's Ring Max and face grooving tooling helped to reduce production time and increase reliability.

Greenleaf Corp. Appoints Executive VP
Bernie McConnell, who previously managed Kennametal’s Widia business, will replace current vice president of sales and marketing, David Rydbom.

ceramic inserts

The Potential for Wider Use of Ceramic Inserts
It’s possible that new phase-toughened ceramic insert technology could be used for more universal milling and turning applications.

Greenleaf's ceramic inserts milling

Broader Range of Applications Ahead for Ceramic Inserts?
Greenleaf's phase-toughened ceramic inserts could prove that this kind of technology has a future in more universal milling and turning applications.

Step 1 of Finishing Fillets

Finishing Fillets
Consider these finish-machining techniques that can enable you to maximize material removal rates prior to completing accurate, tight-radii fillets.

Greenleaf WG-series inserts

Ceramic Inserts for Aerospace Applications
Greenleaf’s WG-300, WG-600 and WG-700 whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts are designed for machining high-strength alloy materials and turbine machining operations.

Greenleaf offers the GSN100 silicon nitride ceramic insert

Silicon Nitride Insert Increases Productivity
Greenleaf offers the GSN100 silicon nitride ceramic insert grade to increase productivity during machining of cast iron.

Road Report: Greenleaf Announcement on Eve of EASTEC Opening
Cutting tool manufacturer Greenleaf Corporation shared important news about its Global Productivity Initiative and a new whisker-reinforced ceramic insert grade for high-temp alloys the evening before EASTEC opened in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Milling Solution for Hardened Metals
The Excelerator milling systems, which uses WG-600 whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts, is designed for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials.

Ballnose End Mills for Ceramic, Carbide Inserts
Greenleaf Corporation’s Excelerator ballnose end mills use both ceramic and carbide inserts in the same qualified cutter bodies to increase performance, tool life and cutting action across a spectrum of materials.   The insert geometry prevents excess tool pressure at high metal removal rates, and its strong edges shear material without smearing, the company says.

Excelerator Ballnose Milling Inserts

Ballnose End Mills Have an Interesting Edge
In early summer 2010, I had a long talk with Dale Hill, applications engineer at Greenleaf Corp., the cutting tool manufacturer in Saegertown, Pennsylvania.

Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Inserts
Designed to machine hard materials such as hard steels and nickel- and cobalt-based super alloys, Greenleaf’s WG-300 whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts are said to provide wear and shock resistance at high surface speeds.

High-Performance Milling
 Excelerator Mills are designed for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials using the company’s ceramic inserts. Typical application areas include most hardened materials above 40 Rc and nickel- and cobalt-based super alloys. Ring Max ring-groove cutters are engineered to cut machining time of API ring grooves, the company says.

Ring Groove Cutter Line
Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, Greenleaf Corporation’s expanded Ring Max line of ring groove tooling is suited for difficult to machine materials. Combined with the company’s WG-300 or WG-600 whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts, the ring groove cutters can reduce cutting times from 30 min. to less than 1 min.

Product Categories of Greenleaf Corporation

Boring Tools
Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Collets for Toolholding
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
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Facing Tools/Heads
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
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Trade Names

Excelerator Ball Nose
Excelerator Mill
Excelerator XF
Ring Max
Rough Stuff