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Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2700ºF, are described in this catalog from Grieve.

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Grieve No. 892

Conveyor Oven Used for Curing Sealant
Grieve has released the No. 892, a 500°F electrically heated belt conveyor oven currently used for curing sealant on filters.

Grieve No. 994

Oven Heats Ends of Long Parts
Grieve has released the No. 994, a 500°F (260°C) special cabinet oven for heating the ends of long parts.

Grieve No. 854

Inert-Atmosphere Furnace for Heat Treating
The No. 854 from Grieve is a high-temperature, 2,200°F electrically-heated, inert-atmosphere floor furnace for heat treating.

Grieve No. 966 1,250°F inert atmosphere oven

High-Temperature Inert Atmosphere Oven
Grieve’s No. 966 1,250°F inert atmosphere oven is electrically heated for stress relief of machined steel.

Grieve No. 954 inert atmosphere box furnace

Inert Atmosphere Box Furnace for Heat Treating
Grieve’s No. 954 is an electrically-heated, 2,000°F inert atmosphere box furnace, suitable for heat treating titanium.

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