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World's Most Complete Offline Solution for Mazatrol

Do you want to Improve Productivity, Reduce Downtime, Increase Profits, and Save Money?

You Can! with CamLink for Windows

GB\DataTransfer: Store and Retrieve Mazatrol or EIA/ISO files offline. Upload/Download programs between your Mazak and PC.

GB\DataPrint: Print or View Mazatrol files. Obtain hard copies of Mazatrol programs to study, or use for training.

GB\DataEntry Create and Edit Mazatrol programs at your PC. Shape Check the program part, and run a Tool Path Check to ensure program accuracy.

GB\GeoEntry: Link Mazatrol to CAD. Convert your DXF files directly to Mazatrol.

GB\DataTranslate: Translate Mazatrol files between different generations of Mazaks. Translate Mazatrol files to run on different generations of Mazak machines. CamLink for Windows supports all Mazaks including Fusion 640.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Software Automatically Enters Part Geometry Data
IMTS 2018: Griffo Brothers’ CamLink GeoSolid software links SolidWorks part model data to Mazatrol and reduces programming time required to input part geometry.

Software Translates Between Older and Newer Controls
IMTS 2018: Griffo Brothers’ DataTranslate software platform enables users to take a file saved in an older control and run it in a newer control.

Software features Enhanced Tool Path
Griffo Brothers offers its CamLink software for the Mazatrol Matrix from Mazak.

Software Creates Tool Paths for Mazatrol Matrix
Griffo Brothers’ CamLink software features an enhanced tool path for Mazatrol Matrix programs that is designed to enable more control over machine tools and increased efficiency in the shop.

Software Generates Tool Paths for Mazatrol Matrix Control
Shops using Mazak machines with the Matrix control can now take advantage of CamLink’s time-saving features that are said to enable more control over the machine.

Improved Conversational Programming Support
Griffo Bothers’ CamLink supports the Mazatrol Matrix control in its GB\DataTransfer, GB\DataPrint, GB\DataEntry and GB\GeoEntry programs.

Generate Toolpaths for Mazatrol Matrix Offline
CamLink offline programming software now supports Mazatrol Matrix M, Matrix T, Matrix MT and Matrix ME controls.

Conversational Programming Software
Griffo Brothers has added Mazatrol Matrix support in its CamLink software product line. Mazak users invested in the Matrix control can take advantage of CamLink’s time-saving features that allow more control over the machine tools and increased efficiency in the shop. Support is available for the Matrix M, Matrix T, Matrix MT and Matrix ME controls.


No Wires, No Worries
A wireless network can operate safely and effectively in a hostile shop floor environment, as the experience of this welding and machining company shows. Interference from other sources of radio waves can be avoided by installing suitable data access point hardware. Data security can be established with encryption and other techniques.


The Knowledge System
This company sees knowledge to be a vital production resource. Capturing and sharing information are now routine functions on the shop floor. Here are lessons the company learned.

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