HE&M Saw

PO Box 1148
4065 S Main & Webb
Pryor , OK 74362 US


As Seen In Modern Machine Shop


No Experience Necessary
This shop assembled standard machine tools and components into a process for flexible production of a series of complex hydraulic cylinder components - all machined from solid, all accurate in some dimensions to +/-0.025 mm - in quantities that can exceed 3,000 per day, using only two operators per shift to shepherd this production from bar stock to shipping container.

Product Categories of HE&M Saw

Bandsaws, Vertical Tilt Frame
Bar Feed Mechanisms
Chip Conveyors
Conveyors & Other Part Handling Automation
Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
Saw Blades
Sawing Machines, Other

Trade Names

HE&M Saw