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July 2018 product spotlight

July 2018 Product Spotlight: Grinding
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on various grinding machines and equipment for all sorts of applications. 

Holroyd Precision CS700E tool management center

Tool Grinding Center Processes Finish Milling Cutters
Holroyd Precision’s CS700E tool management center is designed to grind high-accuracy profile forms on finish milling cutters as large as 700 mm in diameter.

Holroyd Precision’s TG 350 rotor grinding machine

Grinder Reduces Setup Time for Helical Screw Workpieces
Holroyd Precision’s TG 350 rotor grinding machine is designed to provide accuracy, speed and repeatability through greater levels of automation and reduced setup time.

April 2017 grinding

April 2017 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Grinding
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on a variety of grinders and abrasive machining equipment.

Holroyd Precision CS700E Tool Management Centre

Grinder Profiles Large-Diameter, Helical Cutters
Holroyd Precision’s CS700E Tool Management Centre is a large-diameter tool-grinding machine designed for high-accuracy profile forms on finish milling cutters ranging to 700 mm in diameter.

Holroyd EX series

Rotor Milling Machines Efficiently Produce Helical Screw Profiles, Worm Shafts
Holroyd EX-series CNC rotor milling machines are designed for high speed, precision and reliability.

Holroyd Precision Appoints U.S. Sales Representative
The Cincinnati-based distributor will offer machine tools for manufacturing helical components.

Holroyd Profile Management System software

Profile Management Software Aids Production of Helical Components
Designed for use with its grinding machines, Holroyd Precison's Holroyd Profile Management System (HPMS) is an optional desktop suite of software for helical component design and management.

PTG Signs Agreement with University
A memorandum of understanding has created two new positions within the University of Huddersfield and has implications for future research and development.

Helical Profile Milling Machine Enables Dry Machining
Holroyd Precision’s EX series 8EX helical profile milling machine is capable of producing complex components with helical screw profiles and gear parts such as worm shafts ranging to 850 mm (33") in diameter.

Holroyd Precision Apprentices Recognized
Four apprentices from Rochdale Training in the UK received awards.

This image shows the interior of C & B Machinery’s DG-2H double-disc grinder designed for rigid, high-production applications. The grinder is available with grinding wheels ranging from 584 to 1,067 mm (23

February 2014 Product Spotlight: Grinding
Click through this slideshow to see the grinding products featured in February's Modern Equipment Review Spotlight section.

Holroyd Precision WG grinding station

Grinding Stations Designed for Worm Gear Manufacture
Holroyd Precision’s WG grinding stations are designed to provide high levels of accuracy and finish in worm gear shaft production.

PTG Heavy Industries Powerstir friction stir welder

Friction Stir Welders Capable of Jointing Difficult Alloys
Precision Technologies Group (PTG) Heavy Industries will display its Powerstir friction stir welder.

Holyroyd Zenith 400 grindng machine

Grinding Machine Accommodates Range of Abrasives
Holroyd’s Zenith 400 helical profile grinding machine has the capability to use three different grinding abrasives: vitrified aluminum or silicon oxide; “diamond hard,” plated CBN; and vitrified, dressable CBN.

Rotor Grinder Handles Helical Screw Components
The TG 350E rotor grinding machine from Precision Technologies Group’s Holroyd Machine Tools and Components division is designed to grind a variety of helical screw components.

Grinder Combines Three Technologies
The Zenith grinding machine uses three grinding technologies—aluminum oxide, "diamond-hard" plated cubic boron nitride (CBN) and vitrified CBN—to grind rotors as large as 420 mm.


Precisely Grind Helical/Spur Gears
The Holroyd gear and thread grinder, GTG2, is designed for precision grinding of helical/spur gears in diameters ranging to 350 mm. According to the company, the machine can grind small batches of these gears to high levels of DIN and AGMA quality standards.

Screws for compressors

Getting In Gear With An Automated Cell
This production cell embodies several unusual but very effective concepts for keeping process variables under control with little operator intervention.

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