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Houghton International Hocut 8640 metal-removal fluid

Oil-Based Cutting Fluid Useful for Multiple Metals
Houghton International has developed a soluble oil metal-removal fluid for multi-metal machining and grinding applications.

Quaker Chemical, Houghton International Combine Companies
The resulting business is said to offer one of the largest portfolios of metalworking fluids.

Semi-Synthetic Metal Removal Fluid Platform for Machining and Grinding
PMTS 2017: Hocut 4440 delivers a cutting edge metalworking fluid for automotive, general machining and grinding applications.

Metalcutting Fluid Lowers Costs in Machining, Grinding Applications
Houghton International’s Hocut 4440 semi-synthetic metal removal fluid platform is based on a new technology for machining and grinding said to provide performance as well as environmental benefits.

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