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Hydromat Inc. is the industry leader in the manufacture of precision rotary transfer machines featuring the EPIC R/T with EMC Technology.

Hydromat Product Lines

EPIC R/T Rotary Transfer MachinesThe EPIC R/T features EMC technology and full CNC controls.

St. Louis Certified Hydromat Rebuild Shop

If you have Legacy Hydromat machines that need to be upgraded or re-built to maximize their productivity, or if you need to re-tool an EPIC R/T for a new family of parts, there is only one place on this side of the planet to get factory authorized rebuild expertise...that is at Hydromat Inc. in St.

ICON 6-250

The ICON 6-250 combines flexible machining center principles with Hydromat's rotary transfer philosophy while incorporating engineering excellence with the finest materials and components.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Hydromat 40 year chopper, American Chopper

Hydromat's 40-Year Celebration Chopper to Appear on "American Chopper"
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Hydromat brought in Orange County Choppers to create a commemorative bike. The bike, as well as Hydromat’s IMTS 2018 reveal of the bike, will air on the show “American Chopper” on February 12.

Hydromat Eclipse 12-100

Rotary Transfer Machine Features Larger Size, Heavy Construction
Hydromat has introduced the Eclipse 12-100, a 12-station rotary transfer machine offering multiple tool spindles in a single footprint integrated with one chip management and coolant system. 

Hydromat Eclipse 12-100 rotary transfer machine

Rotary Transfer Machine Expands Capacity of Previous Models
IMTS 2018: Hydromat’s Eclipse 12-100 12-station rotary transfer machine updates previous models with a heavy casting mounted on a frame of welded steel.

Catch Up on PMTS 2017’s Live Demonstrations with This Video Playlist

Catch Up on PMTS 2017’s Live Demonstrations with This Video Playlist
Covering workholding, Swiss-type turning, multitasking machines and more, the seven talks in the YouTube playlist are a good recap of the latest in production machining technology.

The Motch & Eichele Company

Hydromat, Motch & Eichele Co. Form Transfer Machine Rebuild, Retool Company
The newly-formed Hydromat-RE Inc. will be devoted to both rebuild and development work related to Hydromat’s Legacy series of rotary transfer machines.

Epic R/T 25-12

Variations on the Rotary Transfer Theme
A Hydromat open house event demonstrates the degree to which rotary transfer machines can be tailored to specific high-volume applications.

Would You Rather Have a Paper Print or a 3D-Printed Prototype?
This custom cutting tool manufacturer uses a 3D printer to provide customers with a physical prototype to view and handle, not just a part print illustrating its complex design.

FFG Acquires Pfiffner, MAG IAS
The International Fair Friend Group (FFG) has signed agreements to acquire the Pfiffner Group and the MAG Group.

FFG Acquires Pfiffner Group
The deal is being met with optimism by Hydromat, Pfiffner’s partner in the Americas.

Dashboard view

MTConnect Is For Real
Introduced at IMTS 2008, this communications protocol for CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment is already helping shops and plants implement effective machine monitoring systems. Although these "early adopters" are motivated by the long-term promise of enterprise-wide efficiency gains, their experience with pilot projects shows that benefits derived in the short term are substantial and worthwhile.

Hydromat Icon rotary transfer machine

Production Machining Center Integrates Rotary Transfer Concepts
A new machine platform combines CNC rotary transfer philosophy with machining center principles to offer an alternative to stand-alone production lines and flexible machining systems.

Machining modules are actually C-frame machining centers

New Twist On Rotary Transfer Machines
Rotary transfer machines are productive high volume producers of a wide variety of workpieces. While traditional rotary transfer machines are very capable of volume production of complex workpieces, they tend to be more dedicated with regard to job changeover, with the exception of families of parts.

Seat belt component

Why Using The Latest Technology Simply Isn't Enough
Suppliers to the automotive industry know they've got to be competitive, have consistent, repeatable quality and deliver on time, every time. Often having the latest technology is a crucial competitive advantage. But sometimes having and using the latest equipment isn't enough. Here's why.

Lincoln Brass shop floor

Hot Technology Key To Valve Maker's Success
Rotary transfer machines do the trick for this valve maker.

rotary transfer department

Doing More With More
From its founding 50 years ago, this Portland, Oregon, screw machine job shop has held fast to a philosophy of diversification. The theme carries across its equipment selections, processing decisions, personnel selection and customer base. It's an interesting example of successful application of multi-processing equipment by a multi-dimensional company.

Eliminating Unnecessary Manufacturing Steps Just One Part Of Good Partnering
This shop is very serious about cutting inefficiencies from it's processes, and that includes picking a supplier who is focused on the same issues of eliminating waste and adding value.

12-Station Rotary Transfer

Why Not Change What You're Doing?
This Canadian screw machine shop built early success with automatic and mechanical multispindles. Introduction of rotary transfer technology has accelerated growth and helped solve other production problems. Here's why they made the move and how it has impacted their shop.

Product Categories of Hydromat Inc.

All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading & Feeding Equipment not specified
Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Bar Feed Mechanisms
Collets, Solid & Master
Machining Cells & FMS
Maintenance & Repair
Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
Tool Presetters
Transfer Machines, In-Line
Transfer Machines, Rotary
Transfer Machines, Trunnion

Trade Names

Rotary Transfer