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IBAG North America is headquartered in a modern plant in North Haven Connecticut, an established New England community where traditional values of education and craftsmanship have become the foundation for a growing complex of commerce, industry and high technology.

IBAG North America

IBAG HIGH SPEED MILLING SPINDLES IBAG North America designs and manufacturers advanced high speed milling spindle systems that perform at maximum speeds up to 140,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP.

IBAG North America

IBAG "MICRO LINE" HIGH SPEED SPINDLES FOR SWISS MACHINING The world's most compact milling & drilling spindles for Swiss machining.

IBAG North America

WITTE VACUUM WORKHOLDING SYSTEMS IBAG North America is the exclusive representative of Witte, a German manufacturer of high quality vacuum workholding chucks, pumps and accessories.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

News of Note: September 2019

News of Note: September 2019
A free workforce development event aims at young people and formerly incarcerated folks, NIMS launches new part inspection certification, and other industry news. 

Ibag Offers Spindle Repair Services

Ibag Offers Spindle Repair Services
The company has stepped up its services for its high-speed spindle products.

IBAG's high-speed spindle.

Ibag's High-Speed Spindles Range in Speed to 170,000 rpm
Westec 2019: Ibag North America will be displaying its range of high-speed spindles ranging from 16 to 360 mm with maximum speeds of 170,000 rpm for milling, cutting and grinding.

IBAG North America will display its series of high-speed spindles at IMTS 2018.

Speedy Spindles Suitable for Milling, Grinding
IMTS 2018: Ibag North America’s 16- to 360-mm high speed spindles spin as fast as 170,000 rpm.

Ibag Witte vacuum slot chucks

Vacuum Slot Chuck Configurable in Two Directions
Ibag North America offers the Witte modular vacuum slot chucks designed to provide expanded clamping surfaces to meet a wide range of application requirements.

IBAG Micro LIne high-speed spindle

Compact, High-Speed Spindles Enable Ultra-Small Drilling
IBAG North America offers its Micro Line compact, high-speed spindles for Swiss-type turning machines.

Micro Collets Increase Spindle Accuracy
Ibag North America’s micro collet system is designed to improve accuracies for precision milling and ultra-small drilling applications, such as in medical and other micro-manufacturing industries.

Phil Hammond examines the batch

Finding The Right Words And The Right Process
This greeting card giant leverages hand-engraving competencies, digital media and high speed machining to produce press-ready dies so its cards are ready for the consumer's viewing pleasure.

vise uses frozen water to secure workpieces

Clamping Difficult Workpieces With Ice
What does a shop do with a workpiece that needs machining but can't be toe-clamped, bolted, chucked or held in a conventional vise? Securely holding many so called exotic materials - ceramics, carbides, glass, and other brittle blanks - is a challenge. The Ice Vice may offer a solution.

High-rpm machines

Standard Jobs Beyond Standard Speed
This job shop is defining the role of extremely high spindle speed in variable-volume, variable-part-number production.

water bearing milling spindles

The Fluid Transition
A watershed moment in spindle evolution? For the latest generation of high speed spindles used in milling, spindle makers look beyond traditional bearings.

Twin Spindle tool changer

Automatic Toolchanger For Auxiliary Spindles
For many shops, machine tools designed and dedicated to high speed milling are too expensive or too limited in productive capacity to justify. One approach around this constraint has been to mount an auxiliary spindle alongside the main spindle on a standard vertical machining center.

Yes, it IS a machine tool

It's A Machine Tool Robot
This machine has a dual identity. It looks like an industrial robot. In some applications, such as assembly, it is. However, put a spindle and cutting tool on the end of this five-axis machine and it becomes a machining and drilling center. The inherent stiffness of the machine's tripod design makes it accurate enough to machine aerospace and automotive applications.

Belt Driven Spindle

High Speed Spindle Design and Construction
Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing


Making Machines Move Faster
A convergence of motion control and mechanical technologies is allowing machine tools to achieve remarkable levels of accuracy at breathtaking speeds.

Vacuum Workholding Improves Process Flexibility
Nature hates a vacuum but this captive Minnesota model shop loves one. Their world is one of high mix, low volume jobs. Vacuum workholding helps them better serve internal customers.

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IBAG Plug & Go Spindles
Vac Mat