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Software Creates Environment for Postprocessing Steps
IMTS 2018: ICAM Technologies’ Adaptive Post-Processing software changes traditional CNC programming.

ICAM CAM-Post Foundation

Software Eases Development of Postprocessors
ICAM's CAM-Post Foundation is an entry-level two- or three-axis NC postprocessor development software that can be upgraded to more advanced products supporting multi-axis machining applications and technologies such as turn-mill machines, waterjets and wire EDMs.

Jerry Gustafson is manager of NC programming at Valley

Automating Toolpath Optimization
New software features toolpath simulations that run during post processing and automatically updates code, with no editing required by the programmer.

Video: Optimizing Rapid Moves on a Five-Axis Machine
How do you optimize rapid positioning tool paths for five-axis operations? This write-up and video explains one approach.

ICAM Technologies SmartPath software

Software Optimizes Rapid Positioning Tool Paths
ICAM Technologies’ SmartPath technology is said to promote programming efficiency while reducing machine set-up time.

ICAM PSE V20 software

Postprocessing Software Optimizes Toolpaths
The PSE V20 version of ICAM’s integrated postprocessing, simulation and emulation software interfaces with popular CAD/CAM/PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools using a single software platform.

ICAM SmartPath software

Software Automatically Optimizes Tool Paths
ICAM’s SmartPath software automatically generates safe and minimized non-cutting motions within the machine working envelope.

ICAM SmartPath software

Software Optimizes Machine Tool Motions
ICAM Technologies Corporation’s SmartPath software is designed to automatically optimize machine tool motions and positions based on standard tool paths generated by CAD/CAM systems.


Postprocessing System Eases Technology Adoption
At this aerospace manufacturer, software from ICAM minimizes time spent reworking out-of-the-box postprocessors for new machines and improves confidence in part programs.

Omax, ICAM Collaborate on CAM Interfaces
Omax (Kent, Washington) and ICAM Technologies Corporation (Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada) are working together to provide NC post-processing software that easily connects Omax and Maxiem waterjet machines with all major CAD/CAM systems, including CATIA, ProE, Siemens NX and Mastercam.  According to the companies, combining Omax’s Intelli-Max waterjet control software with ICAM’s NC post-processors will enable users to benefit from the sophisticated features common to high-end 3D CAD/CAM packages.


Software Supports Material Removal Capabilities
ICAM Technologies Corporation’s Virtual Machine V18 supports material removal and verification capabilities for in-process stock collision and gouge detection within a simulated machining environment. Implementing the software with CAM-Post, the company’s NC post-processing development and deployment product, provides a graphical NC post-processing and machine simulation workbench to test programs during post-processing.

Integrated Post-Processing, Simulation, Emulation
Integrated post-processing, simulation and emulation (PSE) is an NC manufacturing methodology from ICAM that includes the company’s CAM-Post, Virtual Machine and Control Emulator. CAM-Post is an independent, single-source NC post-processing development and deployment software product that supports virtually all major CAD/CAM/PLM systems, CNCs and machine tools, the company says. Advanced forward-looking optimization features such as path planning, rotary axes pre-positioning and winding are said to optimize the machining process while avoiding dwell marks, over-travel and rotary repositioning.


Bridging The Gap Between CAD And CNC
The postprocessor is the last software link between an ideal CAD model and a "real" machined part. To what degree the postprocessor can take advantage of a CNC's capabilities, and vice versa, determines the number of available programming options and degree of programming difficulty. CNC/postprocessor rapport is particularly important for high speed machining (HSM).

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