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IMCO Carbide Tool serves customers large and small throughout North America and the world.

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IMCO Carbide Tool Joins IMC Group
Details of the August agreement were not disclosed, but company leadership says most aspects of IMCO’s operations and product portfolio will not change.

Partnership Gives Access to Imco Tool Data in Mastercam
With the partnership in place, users of Mastercam 2019 and up now have access to milling tool data from Imco. 

Video: HEM Versus Conventional Machining
A short video illustrates the differences between conventional machining with multiple shallow passes versus high-efficiency machining with a tool designed for deeper cuts.

Imco Carbide Tool Pow-R-Path IP

Seven-Flute Cutters Maximize High-Efficiency Machining Benefits
Imco Carbide Tool offers its Pow-R-Path IP cutting tools designed to maximize the benefits of high-efficiency machining methods such as those which use continuous tool paths.

IMCO Carbide Tool Inconex M8 end mill

End Mills Reduce Stress in Cutting High-Temperature Alloys
IMCO Carbide Tool’s Inconex M8 series end mills are designed for machining high-temperature alloys including Inconel, Hastalloy, Waspalloy and more.

Imco Carbide Tool Omega M7 end mills

End Mills Improve Productivity in Hardened Steels
The Omega M7 line of end mills from Imco Carbide Tool is designed for machining hardened steels ranging to 58 to 62 HRc, running wet or dry.

Imco Supports Student Designers
Cutting tool manufacturer Imco Carbide Tool recently donated thousands of dollars worth of end mills to help student designers build a Formula SAE racecar from the ground up.

Imco Carbide Tool Pow-R-Feed M924 end mill

End Mill’s Reinforced Edges, Coating Boost Metal Removal
Suited for high-volume operations, Imco Carbide Tool’s Pow-R-Feed M924 end mill features reinforced, optimized cutting edges and an AlCrNX-engineered coating.

Kline Oilfield Equipment

Inconel Meets Match in General-Purpose End Mill
This difficult Inconel application demonstrates that even some basic tool designs can perform admirably when paired with the right tool paths.

End Mills Cut at High Feed Rates in Hard Metals
Imco’s enDuro M525 end mill and its five-flute variations are designed for higher feed rates in titanium and stainless steel.

Tooling Catalog Features Case Studies
Imco’s 170-page guide is designed with the look of a trade magazine.

EnDuro end mills

Tool Line Complements Titanium, Stainless Techniques
A notable trend over the past five years or so has been the evolution of techniques for machining hard, difficult-to-cut materials, particularly titanium and stainless steel.

Catalog Features Tools For Increased Productivity
The 2010 full-color catalog from Imco Carbide Tool features case studies and user testimonials that include tips for increased productivity, sustained performance and extended tool life.

Product Categories of IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.

Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
End Mills

Trade Names

Omega M7
Pow-R-Feed M9
Streakers M2