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Industrial Press is the leading technical and reference publisher for engineering, technology, manufacturing and education. Our flagship title, Machinery's Handbook, now over 100 years old, remains unchallenged as "The Bible" in its field, and the new 31st Edition remains true to the Handbook's original design as an extraordinary comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-use reference for mechanical and manufacturing engineers, designers, draftsmen, toolmakers, and machinists.

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<p>Now in its 31st Edition</p>

Industrial Press is the leading technical and reference publisher for engineering, technology, manufacturing and education.

CNC Machining Certification Exam Guide: Setup, Operation, and Programming

CNC Machining Certification Exam Guide is focused on providing the knowledge base required for obtaining certification, credentialing and/or job preparation in CNC Machining with CNC Mills and Lathes.

The CNC Handbook: Digital Manufacturing and Automation from CNC to Industry 4.0

Overview Introducing computers into production engineering has drastically reduced the “artisan skill” content traditionally required in manufacturing processes and replaced it with high-precision, computer-controlled machinery.

Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics, 4th edition

Overview Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics has been a bestselling classic for nearly two decades, revered for its ease of understanding and for giving readers opportunities to practice what they learned.

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Industrial Press Publishes 31st Edition of "Machinery's Handbook"
The content has been expanded by nearly 100 pages in the 31st edition, offering close to 3,000 pages.

AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook

Workbook Provides Lessons and Exercises to Teach 3D Modeling
Westec 2017: Industrial Press, a publisher of technical books for engineering, technology and manufacturing, will feature its “AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook.”

Industrial Press 29th edition of Machinery's Handbook

Handbook Provides Metalworking Reference Material
Industrial Press offers the 29th edition of Machinery’s Handbook.

Implement Lean Manufacturing
According to author John W. Davis, lean manufacturing strategies can be implemented into any factory, regardless of its size or the types of products it produces.

Secrets Of Five-Axis Machining
 One author's unbiased and to-the-point description of five-axis machining.

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