ITW Vortec

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Vortex Tubes Put a Cool Spin on Dry Machining
This technology offers an alternative to traditional liquid coolants by providing a clean stream of air as cold as -30°F to cool cutters and workpieces during machining.

Vortec Dual FOrce Vac Drum Pump

Drum Pump Fills or Discharges 55 Gallons in 2 Minutes
The Dual Force Vac Drum Pump from Vortec is a two-way, air-powered drum pump designed to be a convenient and versatile solution for liquid material handling and spill cleanup.

ITW Vortec two-stage Vortex A/C cooling system

Two-Stage Coolers Conserve Compressed Air
ITW Vortec’s two-stage Vortex A/C enclosure cooling system provides a cooling capacity of 5,000 Btu/hr.

Personal Air Conditioner Protects Workers
ITW Vortec’s dual-action personal air conditioner (PAC) regulates body temperature during all seasons.

Vortec HazLoc Vortex A/C enclosure cooler

Enclosure Coolers Designed for Hazardous Environments
Vortec offers HazLoc Vortex A/C 7515, 7525 and 7535 model enclosure coolers for hazardous locations.

Vortec Cold Air pistol

Cold-Air Pistol Provides Fast Spot Cooling
Vortec says its Cold Air pistol is designed for manufacturers, MRO shops and service organizations that spot cooling to increase tool life, production rates and quality.

Product Categories of ITW Vortec

Chip Conveyors
Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
Dust Collectors & Air Filtration
Grinding Attachments & Accessories
Pumps, Coolant
Safety Related Products