J.F. Berns Co, Inc.

11115 Ashburn Rd.
Cincinnati , OH 45240 US


Chamfering Machines

The J.F. Berns Company has solutions for your bar chamfering needs.  We offer Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic bar chamfering (pointing, coning) machines.  Our chamfering machines can also be used to turn, face and drill all types of bar stock.  A great variety of standard tooling plus special tooling designs are also available. 

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JF Berns Inc.

The J.F. Berns Company, located in Cincinnati Ohio, has been in business since 1983.

<p>Providing high quality CNC Lathe Accessories for over 25 years</p>

CNC Lathe Spindle Liners, Part Stops, Part Ejectors & MoreThe JF Berns Company has been producting the best quality CNC Lathe Accessories for over 25 years.

Lathe Bar Supports

The Top Load Bar Support is designed to safely support rotating bars that are longer than the CNC lathe spindle.

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Bar Champ
Blaze Air
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Top Load Bar Support