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A Message from JobBOSS

The Software Solution for Shop Management - Exact JobBOSS!

Accelerate your shop to the next level with the solutions possible through implementing Exact JobBOSS shop management software.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

CNC Machine Shop Reaps Benefits of Hiring an IT Person
A database guru combined off-the-shelf technology with an elaborate proprietary shop management software to drive efficiency throughout all areas of a machine shop.

micron manufacturing

The Three Pillars of Reliable Machine Shop Productivity
This shop looks for a systematic convergence of three disciplines in production management.

A dashboard from ECi’s M1 manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software includes an overview of key action items (such as shipments that need to be invoiced); data open jobs (including such information as needed resources and due dates); and charts on both sales and quotes.

ERP Helps Forward-Thinking Manufacturers Look Back
Enterprise-wide performance data and an understanding of which metrics matter form a foundation for the predictive analytics that characterize “smart” CNC machine shops.

JobBoss 2018 from ECi

Software Simplifies Data Management, Business Metrics
ECi has released JobBoss 2018, enables business owners and managers to make sense of continuously expanding data.

ECi Software Is Acquiring Exact’s Macola, JobBoss, Max Divisions
Exact will now focus on its Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Online portfolio.

Engineered Fabrication machine shop

Machining and Fabrication Teams are Different—Here Is How to Manage Them
The leaders of a company providing both job-shop-type machining and fabrication of custom structures describe how they respect both of these teams and how they bring them both together. ISO certification has proven to be one valuable factor.

Product paths

Optimizing the Production Path
New scheduling and resource allocation gives this gear manufacturer the flexibility to cut down on shop floor backlogs and bottlenecks.

Exact JobBoss 11.7 program

Shopfloor Management Software Introduces Mobile Access
JobBoss version 11.7 includes the release of the JobBoss mobile app.

robot-loaded CNC lathe

Automation at Aztalan Engineering
A contract manufacturer expands its capacity using various approaches to feeding the machines.

Castle Metal’s facility

Moving in with a Customer
Shop owner Chris Nachtmann has established a close relationship with one of his biggest customers. In fact, he moved his operation inside that customer’s facility a couple years ago. Now, he’s making greater strides to invest in and grow his business.

Know How Much Quality is Costing You

Know How Much Quality is Costing You
In a way, quality is less valuable than you think. It’s also more expensive than you think.

Contract Manufacturing Software Offered in Multiple Tiers
The company’s manufacturing software for job shops and contract manufacturers is offered in three distinct packages allowing companies to select the offering that best fits their business needs.


Sharing The Big Picture
The theme of visibility in manufacturing finds expression in numerous ways at this shop. One of the most conspicuous is the use of plasma displays in strategic areas to summarize the company’s performance as reported by its shop control/data-collection system.

Finite And Infinite Scheduling Software
JobBoss 11 finite and infinite scheduling software allows users complete scheduling control, the company says. The software is said to provide job shops and contract/make-to-order manufacturers with flexible capacity, short-term and long-term planning, “big picture” snapshots, material availability, human system ov

An ERP system

Thinking About Shopfloor Interoperability-And Making It Happen
The significance of “plug-and-produce” integration for machine shops and manufacturing plants becomes clear from the perspective of an ERP software developer.


Succeeding Beyond A Specialty
This shop watched its chosen niche become less profitable. Its response was a dramatic investment in new equipment, along with an information-related change that has made all of the shop’s equipment more cost-effective.

JobBoss workstation driver software

Minute-To-Minute Costing Helps Shop Work Leaner
Established in 1994, Pattern Technologies, Inc. (Hartland, Wisconsin) employs 60 people and serves the OEM, casting and injection molding industries. The shop specializes in rapid product design, engineering and development, as well as production tooling and molds.

Software automates the management

Software Helps Shop Automate Quality System
This company now enjoys benefits such as increased visibility and time savings and easier customer audits.

Making chips

ERP Boosts Productivity And Paves Way For Horizontal Machining Center
This shop provides a range of milling, turning and contouring operations tailored to the requirements of industrial companies in the Northwest. It specializes in prototypes for high-tech model shops, short runs of critical parts for military applications and long runs of parts made to close tolerances. The shop runs two shifts daily and relies heavily on its versatile CNC machines.

Sewing machine

ERP System Keeps New Work Center Fully Loaded
It's difficult for a small, specialized machine builder doing $1.5 million in sales annually to buy a $100,000 machine tool, then keep it fully loaded and realize a good return on investment without upsetting the workload throughout the shop—especially with the current manufacturing slowdown.

Unitech's facility

Overcoming Overflow
Making the best use of limited resources helped this shop bounce back from a flood. Now the shop's most important process-improvement tool is the software it bought to manage the flow of information.

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