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Ten Compressed-Air Energy-Saving Tips
Are you looking to reduce your shop’s energy consumption? Consider these tips to make your compressed air system more efficient.

Cash for Compressor Clunkers Program Extended
Kaeser Compressors (Fredericksburg, Virginia) is extending its “Clunker to Kaeser” program, through which old, inefficient compressors can be traded for a new Kaeser air system.

Cash For Air Compressor Clunkers
Kaeser Compressors (Fredericksburg, Virginia) says it will rebate $100 per unit of horsepower, to a maximum $1,000, for manufacturers that want to replace an inefficient compressor for a new air system. Any operational air compressor qualifies for the program, and applicants can keep their old compressors to scrap for additional cash, the company says.

Kaeser Announces Energy Star Partnership
Kaeser Compressors says its recent partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program reflects its belief in providing efficient, energy-saving compressed air products. The company intends to leverage this partnership to communicate the importance of energy management to the industrial marketplace and to increase energy savings in the coming years. According to the EPA, Energy Star helped Americans save about $16 billion on their 2007 energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to those generated by 27 million vehicles.

Compressor Series Designed For Small Shops
TheAirtower compressor packages combine a rotary screw air compressor, storage tank and dryer in one durable and compact unit, the company says. Designed for light industrial and commercial workshops, the compressors are available in 4-, 5- and 7 ½-hp models and deliver as much as 28 cfm at pressures from 80 to 217 psig. According to the company, the industrial-grade, energy efficient Sigma Profile airend provides more air with far less noise and vibration than piston compressors.

Direct-Drive Compressor With Oversized Airend
Available in flows from 346 to 2,090 cfm and pressures to 145 psig, the SFC 315 from Kaeser Compressors is designed for efficiency, reliability and minimal maintenance. The unit features the optimized Sigma Profile airend with one-to-one direct-drive technology, the company’s Sigma Control system and the Siemens Masterdrive series. An oversized airend is connected directly to the motor via a maintenance-free coupling for maximum efficiency, the company says.

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