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five-axis tombstone

Cable-Free Tombstones Bring New Life to HMC Operations
Programmable rotary units built into a double-sided tombstone extend unattended operation and add flexibility to palletized machining cells.

photos from westec 2017

What We Learned at Westec 2017
Westec offered a useful mix of emerging technology and practical applications. This slide show reflects this mix in its eclectic coverage of what exhibitors had to offer.

KME CNC trunnion

Compact, Wireless Trunnion Tables Fit Virtually Any Machine
KME CNC’s compact, wireless five-axis trunnions are said to enable integration on virtually any machine, as the lack of cables frees them up from size restrictions.

fifth-axis tombstone technology

Shop Favors Different Flavor of Five-Axis Technology
Campbell Engineering benefits from a new twist on the tombstone workholding concept, which enables one of its HMCs to perform 3+2 machining to reduce scrap while supporting the higher-volume needs of its medical customers.

KME CNC five-axis trunnion

Smaller Trunnion Fits Variety of Machines
KME CNC’s five-axis trunnion is designed to be integrated with existing equipment without size restrictions.

KME CNC five-axis trunnion table

Five-Axis Trunnion Table Installs into Existing Equipment
KME CNC offers a five-axis trunnion table that it says can be installed on existing equipment, typically without upgrades.

KME CNC five-axis tombstone

Five-Axis Tombstone for HMCs Limits Backlash
KME CNC’s standard five-axis tombstone for horizontal machining centers is equipped with four platters and can be customized to include as many as 12 platters.

Video: Fifth-Axis Tombstone Workholding Solution
Watch an HMC perform five-axis machining using a tombstone that has multiple indexers installed.

KME CNC fifth-axis trunnion

Fifth-Axis Trunnion Converts Three-Axis VMCs to Five-Axis
KME CNC offers a fifth-axis trunnion to complement the Multi-5 Axis tombstone.

Product from a Problem

Product from a Problem
Learn how the challenge of holding tight tolerances for RC helicopter engine components drove this company to develop an innovative fifth-axis tombstone device.

fifth-axis tombstone device

Small Engine Precision Fuels Fifth-Axis Production Concept
The challenge holding tight tolerances for its billet RC helicopter engine components drove this company to develop an innovative fifth-axis tombstone device to complete multiple parts on an HMC in one setup.

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