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Company Profile & History

For nearly three decades LANG is a well known and well respected manufacturer of first class workholding equipment, zero-point clamping systems and automation.

Reliable, Precise, Efficient, Lang.

Quick Point Zero Point Clamping SystemSimple, safe and precise with highest holding power up to 6000 kg.

Makro Grip Center Vise

One vise - many clamping options.  5 face machining at the highest level.

Makro Grip Stamping Unit - Form Closure Technology

Guarantees maximum holding power!

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Lang Automation's RoboTrex automation system.

Robotic Automation Compatible with Zero-Point Clamping System
Eastec 2019: The RoboTrex automation system is the first of Lang Technovation’s products to be compatible with both the 52- and 96-mm Quick-Point clamping systems. 

Lang Robotrex automation system

Small Shop Sees Big Gains from Right-Sized Automation
A three-person German machine shop applies quick-change workholding and flexible robotic automation to succeed in a high-mix/low-volume production environment.

lang technovation imts booth

Is it a Cleaning Fan or a Ceiling Fan?
You can’t miss the ginormous, rotating cleaning fan display above Lang Technovation’s booth. You also should think about how that simple product can help complete an automated machining process.

Robo-Trex Automation System

Automation System Promotes Accessibility, Maneuverability
IMTS 2018: Lang Technovation’s Robo-Trex Automation System is the company’s first automation based on the company’s smaller, 52-mm Quick-Point system. 

Zero-Point Clamping System Expanded with Plate Variations, Risers, Accessories
PMTS 2017: Lang Technovation’s Quick Point zero-point clamping system is designed to greatly reduce setup times in horizontal and vertical CNC milling operations.

Eco-Compact 20

Optimal Machine Cell Automation
A leading manufacturer of emergency warning lights explores its options in designing an automated machining cell, finding the perfect solution for its application in an enclosed multi-pallet loader newly available on the U.S. market.

Lang Technovation Clean-Tec fan

Chip-Clearing Fan for Enclosed Machining Centers
Available from Lang Technovation, the Clean-Tec fan fits into spindles to quickly remove coolant and chips within enclosed machining centers without using compressed air or stopping production.

 Lang Technovation Tri-Top tombstone

Lightweight Tombstone Suitable for Smaller CNCs
The Tri-Top tombstone from Lang Technovation enables the use of three devices to maximize efficiency and minimize shutdown times for four- and five-axis machines.

Catalog Features Variety of Workholding Products
Lang Technovation’s 2010/2011 catalog, which will also serve for most of 2012, features a profile clamping system for profile parts; Makro Grip, a center vise for five-axis machining; Quick Point, a zero-point clamping system; and Grip Fix, which is said to provide maximum clamping force.

Accessory Jaws Feature Movable Pins
Lang’s Vario Tec accessory jaws are designed for use in a 6" Kurt vise.

Versatile Zero-Point Clamping System
Lang’s Quick-Point zero-point clamping system is accurate within 0.005 mm and features a profile height of 27 mm.

Lang Technovation vise jaws

Pins: The Alternative To Parallels
These vise jaws use protruding, mechanical pins to repeatedly support workpieces either horizontally or at angles. They are said to allow quicker setups than conventional parallels.

Zero-Point Clamping System
Quick Point, the zero-point clamping system from Lang Technovation, is said to be simple, safe and precise. Features include a holding power of 13,227-lbs down force, repeatability of less than 0. 00019" and overall pallet height of 1.

Precision Workholding Systems
Lang Technovation’s Vario Tec variable support system is said to minimize setup time. According to the company, virtually all common vices can be retrofitted with this system, and workpieces can be set in different positions on pins to eliminate the need for parallels. The company also offers the Quick Point zero-point clamping system, which has a pull-down force of 13.

Product Categories of Lang Technovation Co.

Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Fixturing Systems
Pallet Changers/Shuttles & Programmable Transfer Devices
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Vises & Vise Jaws

Trade Names

Clean Tec
Makro Grip
Makro Grip Stamping Unit
Profilo Contour Jaw System
Quick Lock
Quick Point
Quick Tower
Twin Base
Twin Grip
Universal Vise Avanti
Vario Tec