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Mr. Giovanni Zunino

Giovanni Zunino Appointed President of Prima Power Laserdyne
Prima Power Laserdyne announces the appointment of Giovanni Zunino as president of the Laserdyne line.

Laser and waterjet products

March 2018 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser equipment and waterjet machinery.

SmartPerf laser control feature from Prima Power Laserdyne

Laser Control Feature Programs, Drills Complex Hole Patterns on 3D Parts
SmartPerf from Prima Power Laserdyne is a laser control feature for programming and drilling simple or complex patterns of holes in linear and cylindrical paths on 2D and 3D parts.

Prima Power Laserdyne’s Laserdyne 606D laser processing machine

Laser Processor Includes Two Lasers to Increase Throughput
Prima Power Laserdyne’s Laserdyne 606D laser processing machine is composed of two independent laser machines within a single unitized structure, which can be operated by one person to increase throughput.

Laserdyne 606D

Multi-Axis Laser Processing System Features Two Independent Work Stations
The Laserdyne 606D multi-axis laser processing system, available from Prima Power Laserdyne, features two independent workstations in a single unitized structure to maximize the work envelope and throughput per unit of manufacturing floor space.

Bystronic BySmart Fiber 3015

May 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machines for laser and waterjet cutting.

Prima Power Laserdyne Makes Organizational Changes
The new appointees are in the positions of Product Manager; Senior Product Manager, a new position; and Senior Manager, Business Development.

Prima Power Laserdyne ShapeSoft SP94P

Control Software Eases Laser Drilling of Shaped Holes
Prima Power Laserdyne’s ShapeSoft, a feature of the SP94P control for its multi-axis fiber laser systems, simplifies the creation of programs for producing cone, oblique cone, fan, racetrack and a variety of shaped holes.

BLM LC5 laser cutting machine

October 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser Machining
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser cutting, welding and marking machines.

Prima Power Laserdyne 430 Versa

Fiber Laser System Offers Capacitive, Optical Part Sensing
Prima Power offers the Laserdyne 430 Versa 3D fiber laser system with third-generation BeamDirector, designed for the typical laser processing needs of tool rooms, model shops and manufacturing R&D centers.

Esab Cutting Systems Hydrocut LX

November 2014 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet Machining
Click through the slideshow to view new equipment for laser and waterjet machining.

Laserdyne Appoints Regional Sales Manager
The company began its laser system expansion venture by selecting a regional sales manager for the task.

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