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Keyseating Made Easy

Reduce Set-Up Times for Key Seating Machines

Leistritz’s new Keyseating Machines make it easier for operators to change the tooling by eliminating the use of hand tools. Messy, time-consuming tool change-overs are now a thing of the past! We recently developed automatic clamping of all the tooling components (Guide Bar, Feed Bar & Cutter Bar) as well as a pneumatic tensioner for the cutter bar to keep it properly positioned against the feed bar when cutting.

Here’s how it works:

The Guide Bar is now hydraulically drawn down and clamped firmly into position using three locating pins. Both the Feed Bar and Cutter Bar are now prepared with a fixed stop to allow the operator a much faster alignment by inserting them through the hole in the machine table and with the press of a button are hydraulically clamped. 

The above-described features require a new machine, The Polymat Series, which is equipped with these systems. 

There’s more!

Leistritz offers one more innovation that can be integrated into current machines. The Zero-Point definition can now be done more quickly and easily by measuring from the keyway cutter tip to the back of the guide bar, then entered into the CNC into a parameter. This method eliminates the need to “touch-off” the cutter within the bore using a feeler gage or shim stock. The new method is not only faster, but more accurate as well as this determines the proper setting of the tool so it reaches the correct groove cutting depth.  

Leistritz can provide the new tooling with the updated software for machines from 2006 and newer. 

For information on The Polymat Series or Zero point definition, please contact Attila Catto - acatto@leistritzcorp.com or


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Leistritz is a developer, manufacturer and worldwide marketer of engineered products for the transportation, power generation and process industries.

What Is Whirling? Learn more about this high precision and cost-saving operation.

As the only U.S. based source of thread whirling tools and machines, Leistritz uniquely combines leadership in this innovative technology with an extensive background in machining solutions for traditional screws, worms, extruders and augers.

Leistritz Whirling Machine Produces High Quality Ball Screws

Do you manufacture or use high precision ball screws for the aerospace or automotive industries, or for linear activators or linear motion products?

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Leistritz CNC keyseater

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Complex helical threads

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Using choreographed movement of workpiece and oscillating tool, internal thread whirling can produce difficult helical threads inside parts such as ballscrew nuts.

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