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MachineWorks' Polygonica 3.0 Enhances Mesh Modeling

MachineWorks' Polygonica 3.0 Enhances Mesh Modeling
MachineWorks’ Polygonica 3.0 includes a plethora of upgrades to mesh fitting and creation, wrapping and curve creation.

Scans with holes and missing areas and scans with filled holes

Software Technology Fills Holes in 3D Scans
MachineWorks, creator of Polygonica polygonal modeling software engine, has developed a solution for complex hole filling in a point cloud of the 3D object.

Software Processes Polygon Meshes for 3D Printing Design
Polygonica v2.1 is designed to help create support structures, tubes, pipes, moldings and more.

CNC Simulation Uses High-Performance Graphics Engine
 MachineWorks v. 6. 6 CNC simulation software features a high-performance graphics engine that supports OpenGL and DirectX 10.

Product Categories of MachineWorks Ltd.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
Digitizing/Scanning Systems
Job Estimating Software
Robot Controllers
Software for Additive Manufacturing—Job & File Management
Software for Additive Manufacturing—Part Design
Software, CAD/CAM
Software, CAD/CAM for Additive Manufacturing
Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
Software, NC Program Optimization
Software, NC Verification
Software, Other Manufacturing
Software, Tool Design

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