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One Example Changed the Course of 3D Printing at This GM Plant

One Example Changed the Course of 3D Printing at This GM Plant
General Motors of Spring Hill, Tennessee, depends on tooling to assemble thousands of vehicles per year. 3D printed tools have become integral.

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Adaptive Technology Opens CNC Shop Opportunities
VR goggles integrated with a camera give a legally blind young woman 20/20 vision and the chance to be a machine shop’s second-shift quality control lead.

Additive Manufacturing Via Material Extrusion

Additive Manufacturing Via Material Extrusion
Material extrusion was the second additive manufacturing process to be successfully commercialized. After three decades of material advancements and a diverse array of start-ups and applications, the use cases for this technology are still going strong.

United Grinding Flexload module at the end of a cylindrical grinding machine

10 Ways to Think Differently about Robotic Automation
Take another look: A lot is happening in and around robotic automation. What robots might mean for machining and manufacturing is getting ready to change.

3D printer generated custom vise jaws

Desktop 3D Printer as Job Shop Resource
The low-cost 3D printer in this shop supports machining by simplifying prototyping and producing usable hardware—including vise jaws.

Product Categories of MakerBot

Additive Manufacturing Machines for Polymer Parts
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Material Extrusion

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