Marposs Corp.



Monitoring the State of Tool Monitoring

Digital technology that enables tool changes to be triggered by data-driven predictions of tool wear rather than part counts also is opening the door to other opportunities for optimizing production. A look at in-the-field applications shows that advanced tool monitoring is a step toward plant-wide digitalization.

Marposs Updates Optical Testing System Software

Marposs has updated its software for Optoquick and Optoflash with a smart-search function for viewing results, as well as a user-friendly interface.

Project Using Marposs' Artic CTM Wins a 2020 HFTA from Ford

Marposs’ Artic CTM Toll and Process Monitoring System facilitated an award-winning process for Ford that improved tool life by 30 to 80 percent.

Marposs Minimicromar3 Grinding Gage Durable Against Coolants

Marposs’ Minimicromar3 provides precise measurement for small surfaces. It is also highly durable against coolant and abrasive substances.

Marposs Corp.

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Trade Names offered by Marposs Corp.

  • AMA, advanced measuring armset
  • Artis Brankamp machine monitoring
  • BLU one cable control network
  • DigiCrown digital measuring network
  • E9066 industrial computer
  • Easy Box, interface box
  • EddyFlex NDT testing
  • Fenar grinder gauge head
  • Gage Box modular data acquisition system
  • iWave2 wireless handle
  • Laser 75P tool verification system
  • M1 Star EBG (Electronic Bore Gauge)
  • M1 Wave wireless bore gauge
  • M1Star MBG (Mechanical Bore Gauge)
  • M2 Wave Wireless Electronic Snap Gauge
  • M3 Star Slim Snap Gauge
  • Merlin gauge computer
  • Merlin Mobile wrist-mounted Gauge Computer
  • Mida Diamond
  • Mida OGP70 optical spindle probe
  • Mida ORI optical receiver
  • Mida Probes
  • Mida WRS (World Radio System)
  • Nemo compact gauge computer
  • Optoquick Set optoelectronic gauge
  • Quick Block universal measuring armset
  • Quick Read microcolumn measurement display
  • Quick Set retoolable gauge system for shafts
  • Quick Snap retoolable manual snap gauge
  • Quick SPC statistical process control software
  • Red Crown pencil probe
  • Unimar in process grinder gauge