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Company Profile

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom (MCC) best known for their highly precise, highly versatile CITIZEN Swiss-type and fixed-head lathes continues to grow their product line to service the manufacturing industry.

LFV Cutting Technology

Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) is a new cutting technology from Citizen designed to avoid the problem of spiraling chips, entanglement of chips and built-up edges.

New Cincom M-32

The M32 sliding head lathe, synonymous with high-performance Cincom products, has undergone a full model change in its updated design.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Citizen M532 VIII Swiss-Style Lathe Capable of 38-mm Capacity

Citizen M532 VIII Swiss-Style Lathe Capable of 38-mm Capacity
The M532 VIII is the newest version of the Citizen Cincom M-series turret-style Swiss-type turning center.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Announces Tech Center Open House

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Announces Tech Center Open House
On March 9, the ribbon cutting will be followed by an open house introducing the company’s L12 Type X lathe and new 12-mm laser cutting and welding machine.

micron manufacturing

The Three Pillars of Reliable Machine Shop Productivity
This shop looks for a systematic convergence of three disciplines in production management.

CNC Machining and Motorsports

CNC Machining and Motorsports
Have a look at some of the new manufacturing equipment spotted in “Machinery Row” at the recent Performance Racing Industry Show.

Citizen Cincom’s L32 VIII sliding head lathe.

Citizen Cincom’s L32VIII Features All-Axis Simultaneous Control
Westec 2019: Citizen Cincom’s L32 VIII sliding head lathe is offered in three models in a modular design.

challenge machine

When a Swiss-Type Is a Lathe and a Five-Axis Mill
Swiss-type lathes with a swiveling B axis enable this shop to machine parts complete and unattended that it otherwise couldn’t using its five-axis machining centers. Here is some of what it learned adopting this new technology.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom D25 Swiss-type lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe's Double-Gang Layout Shortens Cycle Times
IMTS 2018: Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s D25 Swiss-type lathe features double gang tool posts and a B axis.

The Gizmotron 2.0 mounted on a bass guitar.

Centerless Sets the Tone for Shop-to-Stage Success
Grinding three shaft diameters at once eliminates runout and helps reintroduce a ‘70s-era guitar effects unit that mimics the action of a violin bow.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom D25 Swiss lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Equipped with Double Gang-Tool Posts
Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: Marubeni Citizen-Cincom releases the D25 Swiss-type lathe.

low-frequency-vibration turning

Video: What’s Low-Frequency-Vibration Turning?
Oscillating Z-axis tool motion combined with brief bits of intentional air cutting enables effective chip control and improved tool life on Swiss-type lathes.

Marubeni Citizen Cincom L20

Sliding Headstock Lathes Feature Low-Frequency Vibration
Eastec 2017: Marubeni’s Citizen Cincom L20 sliding headstock lathes are now available with Low Frequency Vibration (LFV).

Lathes Use Low-Frequency Vibration to Avoid Chip Problems
PMTS 2017: The popular Citizen Cincom L20 sliding-headstock lathes from Marubeni are now available with low-frequency vibration (LFV). LFV is said to avoid the problem of spiraling chips, chip entanglement and built-up edges.

Cincom L12-type VII

Advancing to Micromachining on a CNC Swiss Lathe
By moving up from a standard lathe to a Swiss-type machine, this company can now bid on making small, complex parts it wasn’t able to in the past, while also slashing cycle times on legacy parts.

parts produced by Slabe

A Swiss-Type Turning Point
The lessons this shop learned after purchasing its first Swiss-type turning center nearly two decades ago are now being applied to larger multi-spindle and multi-turret lathes for bigger and more complex parts.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe

Swiss-Type Lathe Adds B Axis
The L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe from Marubeni Citizen-Cincom features B-axis controllable rotary tools for simultaneous complex machining.

3D Medical Manufacturing machine floor

Medical Shapes a Shop
Medical job and contract shops face challenges—some unique to the market they serve—that push them to become more efficient. Learn about the efforts this shop has made to clear the hurdles it has encountered along the way.

Marubeni R07 Cincom CNC lathe

CNC Automatic Lathe for Precision Parts
Marubeni’s R07 Cincom sliding-headstock-type CNC lathe offers a maximum machining diameter of 7 mm.

A High-Tech Legacy

A High-Tech Legacy
This shop’s story sheds light on the sorts of developments that continue to spur new interest in Swiss-type lathes.

bonescrew back face

Shop's Success Turns on Swiss-type Technology
During the past few decades, the Swiss-type lathe has evolved from a niche product to a go-to platform for done-in-one production of small precision parts. This shop has evolved right along with it.

medical components

Job Shop Uses 3D Wire Bending and CNC Machining To Find Its Niche
Marshall Manufacturing melds CNC machining and 3D bending to create intricate medical components from small-diameter barstock and tubing. Customer needs spurred the shop to carve out what has become a successful medical-manufacturing niche.

Biomet’s CurvTek components

CAM System Simplifies Swiss-Type Lathe Programming
To reduce setup times, this medical device manufacturer replaced its conventional CNC turning and milling machines with Swiss-type lathes. However, taking full advantage of these complex machines’ capabilities required another investment—Esprit CAM software from DP technology.

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Cincom A Series
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Cincom K Series
Cincom L Series
Cincom M Series
Cincom R Series
MIYANO CNC Turning Centers