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Mastercam - When Second Best Won't Cut it

  • Easy 2D and 3D geometry creation with complete wireframe & surface modeling.
  • Associative dimensions update as you change your model.
  • Built-in data translators for IGES, Parasolid®, SAT (ACIS solids), AutoCAD® (DXFTM, DWG, and InventorTM files), SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, CADL, STL, VDA, and ASCII. Direct translators for STEP, Catia®, and Pro-E® are also available.
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    Company Profile

    CNC Software, Inc. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art software tools for CAD/CAM manufacturing markets.

    Mastercam Solutions

    Faster modeling of parts, molds, and fixtures using integrated solids, surfaces and wireframe.

    Easy to use CAD Solutions

    Easy 2D and 3D geometry creation with multiple ways to create entities.

    As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

    Mastercam Adds Support for Kyocera SGS Precision Tools
    Mastercam users can now download 10 libraries of SGS tools in a native Mastercam format, providing fast, seamless access to SGS’s cutting tools. 

    Mastercam, Haas Partner with American Precision Museum
    Mastercam applications engineers designed and machined a scaled-down version of the waterwheel originally used to power the factory that now houses the American Precision Museum. 

    CNC Machining and Manufacturing Students Find CAM Software Intuitive
    A Lincoln College of Technology machining instructor details the most useful features of Mastercam — his school’s software of choice.

    A metal part undergoes CNC operations on a Makino A500Z five-axis machining center.

    Standardization Leans the Way to High-Mix Automation
    An increasingly digitalized, lean manufacturing process begins with a common selection of cutting tools and five-axis machining fixtures.  

    Accelerated Finishing with circle cutters

    How to Slash 5-Axis Finishing Time
    Finally there is an alternative to ballnose endmills for finishing 3D parts. The combination of finishing tools shaped to provide more cutting surface and a CAM system with the ability to apply them on a five-axis machining center can dramatically reduce finishing cycle times while delivering better surface finishes.

    Titans of CNC Aerospace Academy Uses Mastercam
    Titans of CNC will use Mastercam to produce additional aerospace tutorials for the Aerospace Academy website.

    Mastercam 2021 Improves Safety, Speed of NC Programming
    Mastercam 2021 increases machining productivity and reduces overall production costs with speed and flexibility improvements in multi-axis and turning applications.

    CAD/CAM Software Helps Shops Shift to Coronavirus Work
    A sampling of CNC machine shops serving a variety of industries have this in common: They are using Mastercam CAD/CAM software to shift their focus and quickly produce medical supplies necessary to aid in responding to the coronavirus.

    Mastercam Offers Free CAD/CAM Courses to Take From Home
    The free Mastercam University courses are available through June 30, 2020. 

    Mastercam's Multiaxis Add-On Improves Four-, Five-Axis Machining Productivity
    The Multiaxis add-on for Mastercam 2020 is designed to improve productivity with simultaneous four- and five-axis machining.

    Mastercam Joins NCATC as Strategic Partner
    The NCATC supports a higher education and industry network that promotes advanced technology applications in workforce development programs and services.

    CNC Software Launches Mastercam 2021 Beta
    Participants in the Beta Program will test drive the software before release, providing feedback to help shape the final product.

    Executive VP of Mastercam Retires
    Working with his brothers, Brian Summers helped to start CNC Software in the early 1980s out of a home office.

    Mastercam Produces Video Series Demonstrating CAM Methods on Real Parts
    The Signature Parts Series currently includes coverage of parts such as a chain guard, spiral staircase tread, hot runner nozzle, aerospace latch and an optical mount.

    November 2019 Product Spotlight: 5-Axis Machining
    This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on five-axis machining technologies. 

    Mastercam 2020 Lathe Improves Usability and Tooling Options
    Mastercam 2020 Lathe is designed to accept and program any CAD file to Dynamic Motion roughing and precise finishing.

    Mastercam 2020 Mill Improves Curved Surface Finishes
    The updated Mastercam 2020 Mill from CNC Software Inc. offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation.

    Hitting the Zone with Five-Axis Machining
    By investing in five-axis machining technology, Advance CNC Machining has done more than just add new capabilities to its roster. It has found a way to achieve something that most of us strive for: a way to work “in the zone.”

    Partnership Gives Access to Imco Tool Data in Mastercam
    With the partnership in place, users of Mastercam 2019 and up now have access to milling tool data from Imco. 

    Heidenhain, Mastercam Introduce Five-Axis Postprocessor
    In a collaborative aimed at enabling five-axis machining for those using Heidenhain TNC controls and Mastercam CAD/CAM software, the companies have introduced a new postprocessor.

    CNC Software's Mastercam Education Summit 2019.

    CNC Software Hosts Mastercam Education Summit 2019
    The second annual event catered to educators seeking to teach their students about CAD, CAM and engineering. 

    Product Categories of Mastercam - CNC Software, Inc.

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
    Software, CAD/CAM
    Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
    Software, NC Program Optimization
    Software, NC Verification
    Software, Nesting
    Software, Other Manufacturing

    Trade Names

    Mastercam Art
    Mastercam Blade Expert
    Mastercam Design
    Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS
    Mastercam Lathe
    Mastercam Mill
    Mastercam Port Expert
    Mastercam Router
    Mastercam Solids
    Mastercam Swiss
    Mastercam Wire