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Rohm and Master WorkHolding representatives shaking hands

News of Note: October 2018
The NTMA appoints a new president, Röhm acquires Master WorkHolding, Renishaw opens new demo center and more industry news. 

Representatives from Rohm and Master WorkHolding shaking hands

Röhm Acquires Master WorkHolding
Master WorkHolding will serve as Röhm’s North American manufacturing entity and provide the company with prismatic clamping fixtures.

The Evolution of the Retention Pin
A new retention pin design enables the spring-loaded workholding devices to do more than simply ease part loading. They can clamp parts, too.

spring-loaded retention pins

Retention Pins that Both Position and Clamp
Shops and fixture manufacturers commonly use spring-loaded retention pins in their workholding devices to ease part loading.

Second Thoughts On Foreign Sourcing
Will a returning tide lift U.S. manufacturing? One consulting firm says companies are reevaluating their sourcing strategies with an eye toward more domestic production. A company that serves domestic machining facilities clearly sees the same trend.

Machines arranged in a line

Vertical Machining Centers For Volume Production
At this model plant for lean manufacturing, Parker Hannifin personnel became convinced that the simple approach was the strongest choice for the application. Part of the lesson learned at this plant is that the most difficult part of going lean may lie in the discussion.

Light activated adhesive gripper

Light-Activated Glue Holds And Releases Workpieces In A Flash
This alternative workholding method uses adhesive cured by UV light to "clamp" complex-shaped parts to a fixture. After machining, a quick laser beam "unclamps" the part by destroying the adhesive.

Product Categories of Master WorkHolding, Inc.

Angle & Sub Plates
Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
EDM Tooling
Fixturing Systems
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Vises & Vise Jaws
Workholding, Custom