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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Deep Bed Gravity Technology Enables a Variety of Filtration Levels
Mayfran International says its Hydrostatic Paper Filter combines high levels of chip removal with coolant filtration to improve the productivity of the high-performance metalcutting and finishing machine.

Spent filter media covered with sanding sludge

Coolant Filtering System Delivers A Clutch Performance
Sludge and grit in contaminated coolant can build up in the moving parts of machine tools and increase component wear, adversely impacting productivity. Faced with rising maintenance costs and increased machine downtime, this manufacturer of automotive components found a solution in a coolant cleaning system developed by Mayfran International.

Payton Hage holds a typical part

Eliminating Contaminants In Coolant Management System
Just over 2 years ago the owners of Wanner Engineering made the investment decision to purchase highly automated machining systems with special cooling systems.

ConSep 2000

Chipping Away Roadblocks To Higher Productivity
Hybrid machine tools—those that provide multiple machining processes, such as turning centers that also do milling, or machining centers that can turn and face parts—can have an impact lowering in-process inventory levels and improving quality through single machine handling. Unfortunately these same machines, by offering multiple processes, also produce a more diverse selection of chips, from large to small, strings and curled springs, to fine dust-like particles, depending upon the application's material.

Mayfran ConSep2000

Improving Quality, Productivity And Tool Life With High Performance Chip Handling
Continuous improvement--most of the time it is painstakingly slow...squeezing out small-tolerance refinements, fractions of more parts per hour or minor ergonomic enhancements. Rare are those instances where the improvements are significant, and they are even more exceptional when what happens is secondary to the project's intentions.

Handling Chips In Hog Heaven
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is concentrating on increasing productivity to meet the growing demand for its product line. Among the contant improvements to their manufacturing processes is an overhead system that transports chips and coolant from eight machining stations to a central separation and filter unit.

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Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
Chip & Sludge Dragouts
Chip Conveyors
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolant Reclamation Equipment
Oil Filtration & Treatment
Pumps, Coolant
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Trade Names

Amor-Lift Wringers
AT Coolant Cleaner
Chip Tote
Power Trof II
Vacuum Dynamics
Viavent Systems