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Miller Electric's Insight Centerpoint Welding Software Enables Job Tracking

Miller Electric's Insight Centerpoint Welding Software Enables Job Tracking
Centerpoint 10 is designed for greater ease of use, faster startup time and a shortened learning curve.

Miller Electric Multimatic 215

Multi-Process Welder Can Be Set Up for Multiple Materials
Miller Electric will display its Multimatic 215 multi-process welder.

Miller Electric Continuum 350

MIG Welding Machine Includes Data Collection, Management System
Miller Electric has expanded its industrial MIG welding system with the Continuum 350, adding an additional power source option, new processes and programs, and information management capabilities to improve welding performance.

Miller Multimatic 200

Portable Welding Power Source Offers Compact Design
Miller Electric offers the Multimatic 200 and LPR-100 half-mask respirator, as well as upgrades to its Bobcat line, Big Blue 350 PipePro and Arc Armor Titanium series welding helmets.

Can You Weld Aluminum Foil?

Can You Weld Aluminum Foil?
Although we primarily focus on the chip-making operations shops perform, this welding “parlor trick” on Miller Electric’s website is worth a look-see.

Aluminum MIG Welding System
 The AlumaFeed synergic aluminum welding system is designed for high-volume, high-arc, on-time industrial aluminum applications requiring conventional MIG and pulsed MIG welding outputs.


Miller Adds Blue Lightning To TIG Power Sources
Miller Electric’s Dynasty 200 AC/DC TIG/stick and Maxstar 200 DC TIG/stick power sources feature Blue Lightning technology. According to the company, this technology provides consistent, reliable high-frequency arc ranging from 200- to 1-amp applications.


Pipe Welding System
The PipeWorx welding system is an easy-to-use, multi-process welding solution designed to improve pipe welding quality and productivity for fabrication shops, the company says. It provides one-button, quick change-over between processes. Cables remain connected to the power source and do not need to be switched for the different welding processes.

Selecting The Right Welder
Many machine shops, on occasion, have a need for welding. It may be for maintenance purposes, repair or to fill the odd contract. This story is a welding process primer for those shops whose main business isn't welding but need to know some basics.

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