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Serving Industry Worldwide Since 1973

A trusted leader in CNC machines since the early 1970s, Milltronics proudly serves the precision machining industry worldwide.

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Milltronics TRM3016 Toolroom Mill Offers Large Travels

Milltronics TRM3016 Toolroom Mill Offers Large Travels
IMTS Spark: The TRM3016 from Milltronics is a toolroom mill that offers travels of 30" × 16" × 20".

Milltronics Appoints Exclusive Distributor for Colorado, New Mexico

Milltronics Appoints Exclusive Distributor for Colorado, New Mexico
Foothills Machinery Sales is said to be the oldest independent machine tool dealer in Colorado. 

November 2019 Product Spotlight: 5-Axis Machining

November 2019 Product Spotlight: 5-Axis Machining
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on five-axis machining technologies. 

Milltronics Introduces Largest XP-Series VMC

Milltronics Introduces Largest XP-Series VMC
Milltronics USA’s VM8434XP vertical machining center is built with linear cross roller guides for rigidity, direct-coupled ballscrews for faster response, and a dual-wound spindle motor for faster acceleration/deceleration as well as added torque.

Milltronics’ VM250IL-5x.

Milltronics' VM250IL-5x Includes 40-Station ATC
EMO 2019: Milltronics’ VM250IL-5x five-axis vertical machining center features a trunnion table 255 mm in diameter and XYZ axis travels measuring 550 × 508 × 520 mm.

Milltronics ChipBoss machining software

For Milltronics, Technology Is the Key to Time Savings
The machine tool builder is introducing three new software technologies to enable machine shops to shave time during programming, setups and turning operations.

Milltronics will display its ChipBoss software at IMTS 2018.

Chip Management Software Improves Tool Life, Accuracy
IMTS 2018: Milltronics USA Inc.’s ChipBoss enables conversational program users to take advantage of trochoidal machining strategies, previously found only in CAM systems or high-end controls.

Milltronics VK4II CNC knee mill

Knee Milling Center Provides Programmable Three-Axis Control
Milltronics USA is introducing the VK4II CNC knee mill.

CNC lathe

CNC Lathes Ease Programming
Milltronics USA introduces its SL-II series of slant-bed CNC lathes.

Milltronics VK411 CNC knee mill

Milltronics Keeps Its Focus
A recent open house at Milltronics’ Waconia, Minnesota, headquarters shows that this machine tool supplier is concentrating on serving its best customers, which include job shops, start-up machining companies, toolrooms, tool and die houses, and other users who want flexible, capable and affordable machines for milling and turning applications.

Milltronics VM3224

Linear-Way VMC Improves Machining Accuracy
The Milltronics VM3224 linear-way vertical machining center offers increased machining accuracy with 38-mm ballscrews stretched and anchored with triplex bearings.

Milltronics VM3224 VMC

Linear Way VMC Improves Cutting Performance
Milltronics’VM3224 linear way VMC features a 38" × 24" worktable and and 32" × 24" × 26" travels.

More Demanding Than Production
The challenges of prototyping have dramatically increased. This company reinvented itself to specialize in the tight-leadtime process development that prototyping now entails.

Cardinal Manufacturing

Does This School Have the Formula for Mfg Education?
A high school in Wisconsin runs its manufacturing vocational program as a business. Students make parts for paying customers. The program is thriving, cash flow is strong, and local manufacturers can now hire recent graduates who already have experience in meeting customer demands.

The Advantages of Standardization

The Advantages of Standardization
Extensive reliance on equipment from a single builder provides the flexibility this manufacturer needs to accommodate a variety of custom work on short notice.


Uniformity Paves the Way for Flexibility
Standardizing on one brand of machines provides the flexibility this firearm component manufacturer needs to accommodate a variety of custom component designs.

repeating parts at WSI

Delivering Value in Program Production
A contract manufacturer specializing in ongoing production programs describes the investments involved in winning this work.

Milltronics RH12

Milling, Turning Machine Line Supports Versatility
This shop relies almost exclusively on Milltronics machines for its milling and turning operations. The machines’ easy-to-use, conversational control, reliability and capacity for tight tolerances help support the versatility the shop needs to stay competitive.

User-Friendly CNC Control
Milltronics’ 8200 CNC control is built upon a real-time Linux-based kernel, TRLinux Pro.

engine block repair work

Using Twin-Table Machines To Maximize Spindle Uptime
By integrating twin-table, bridge-style machining centers, this shop virtually eliminates spindle downtime during job chang-eovers. An operator can safely set up a new job on a table located outside the machine's workzone while the machine mills a workpiece fixtured on the other table.

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