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  Miraclean water-based cleaning and passivating packages for metal finishers: Field proven Aqueous Cleaners and Passivation Chemistries Precision Cleaning and/or Passivating Equipment--manual or automated, 1.5 gallons and up, featuring high performance ultrasonics and options such as agitation, spray under immersion, rotation, spray on exit Parts Washers Electro-Polish Lines Liquid Penetrant Inspection Lines Titanium Anodize Lines Proven performance in critical industries including tools, aerospace, medical

Product testing

Free test-cleaning in our lab to prove process equipment and chemistry recommendations.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Birchwood Technologies’s water-based inhibitors and sealants

November 2018 Product Spotlight: Cleaning and Deburring
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment used to finish parts by removing burrs, oils and other contaminants.

Cube 2 parts cleaning system

Discuss Your Parts Cleaning Needs, Design a Custom Process
Using an efficient and cost-effective parts cleaning process is a shop necessity, and to help attendees of the show find the best parts processing systems for their needs, the Miraclean team is offering its expertise in the parts cleaning field.

Miraclean will display its Cube 2 cleaning system at IMTS 2018.

Cleaning System Performs Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, Drying
IMTS 2018: Miraclean’s parts-cleaning system, the Cube 2, offers an automated line in a small footprint to provide ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing as well as high-efficiency drying.

Citric and Nitric Passivation Lines
Miraclean Ultrasonics designs and builds citric and nitric acid passivation lines to meet industry specifications, such as ASTM A967.

passivation passivate passivating stainless

Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts: The Recipe for Success
Passivation—the process for making stainless steel parts more corrosion-resistant—is affected by how well the part is cleaned. It’s also affected by the choice of acid. Nitric or citric?

Product Categories of Miraclean

Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
Cleaning Chemicals, Aqueous
Cleaning Equipment, Ultrasonic
Cleaning Systems, Aqueous or CFC-free
Parts Washers, Mechanically Agitated
Washers, Small Parts