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A Message from Mitutoyo America Corporation

Mitutoyo America Corporation provides the only total measuring solution in manufacturing: hardware, software, engineering and support.

Mitutoyo America Corporation offers the widest array of precision measuring products in the world, as well as the infrastructure and expertise to support them.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Digital "Fingerprints" Put Twins in Perspective

Digital "Fingerprints" Put Twins in Perspective
Unique identifiers keep the digital thread intact through design, production and quality control.

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex V's High-Speed Drive Speeds Inspection
Mitutoyo’s Crysta-Apex V CMM features a high-speed, high-acceleration drive and the ability to set measuring paths for high-speed, 3D and active scanning of complex workpieces.

Mitutoyo Expands Custom Solutions Offering
Services now include a range of sensor customization, inline inspection, and custom design and building of systems and components. 

Mitutoyo MiScan Measures Micro-Forms

Mitutoyo MiScan Measures Micro-Forms
IMTS Spark: Mitutoyo America’s MiScan offers vision and coordinate measuring capabilities, including a micro-form scanning probe, the MPP-Nano.

Quality Control Process Improved with Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis

Quality Control Process Improved with Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis
Pinnacle Machine Works uses Mitutoyo’s MeasurLink data collection and SPC software to make the QC process more efficient and accurate.

Mitutoyo's MPH-3515 Profile Projector Equipped with M2 2D Processor

Mitutoyo's MPH-3515 Profile Projector Equipped with M2 2D Processor
Mitutoyo America has released the new M2 2D processor as part of a package with the PH-3515 profile projector.

Mitutoyo's MiScan Measures Microscopic Part Features

Mitutoyo's MiScan Measures Microscopic Part Features
Mitutoyo America’s MiScan, a multi-sensor microscopic-form measurement system, combines coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and optical measurement technology.

quality standard

A New Quality Standard You Need to Know About
The Quality Information Framework (QIF) helps connect product data with process data in emerging data-driven environments.

Mitutoyo ’s MiStar 555.

Mitutoyo ’s MiStar 555 Eliminates Need for Environmentally Controlled CMM Enclosure
Mitutoyo’s MiStar 555 CNC shopfloor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) operates without compressed air and on conventional 120-V, 20-A electrical service with movement speeds of 606 mm/sec. and acceleration of 2,695 mm/sec.² (3D).

Make Smart Factories Even Smarter with Metrology Data Management
Bringing all of a plant’s quality data into a single digital system will reduce data entry errors, increase efficiency and improve overall product quality.

Attendees navigate various booths at Eastec 2019.

On Display at Eastec 2019
Here is an overview of some of the CNC machining and other technology showcased at the biennial manufacturing trade show.

Machining Demonstration Shows the Digital-Twin Concept in Action
A demonstration at IMTS 2018 showed that all of the pieces to meet the “Grand Challenge” are now in place, making so-called digital-twin manufacturing feasible for shops looking to streamline production of complex workpieces.

Mitutoyo Mach Ko-Ga-Me

Compact CMM Designed for Use with Automation Cells
Eastec 2019: Mitutoyo America will feature the Mach Ko-Ga-Me, a compact near-line/in-line coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for automated cells.

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s MeasurLink 9 software update.

Measurement Software Runs Hypothetical Process Scenarios
MeasurLink 9 software, developed by Mitutoyo America Corp., provides real-time statistical process control and data collection.

Mitutoyo's LSM-6902H laser scan micrometer.

Laser Scan Micrometer Provides Accuracy Down to 0.3 Micron
Mitutoyo America Corp. has released the LSM-6902H laser scan micrometer, a non-contact, high-accuracy measurement system designed for measuring pin gages or plug gages.

Mitutoyo Offers Free Video Training, Easing Credentialing
The online training videos are available for free and with no obligation for testing.

Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit

Caliper Attachment Wirelessly Transmits Data
Mitutoyo America has released the U-Wave Fit into its data management systems product line.

Mitutoyo HR-530

Hardness Testers Feature Electronic Control
IMTS 2018: Mitutoyo’s HR-530-series Rockwell hardness testers includes the HR-530 and HR-530L

Smart MFG Experience main stage.

Using Data to Do Better in Manufacturing
Although the Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018 event in Boston may not have provided a simple, clear definition of “smart manufacturing,” it did provide a broad experience of what smart manufacturing can be like.

CMM Software Automates Generation of Measurement Programs
Mitutoyo America Corp. has released MiCAT Planner version 1.5 for its coordinate measuring machines.

Mitutoyo Mach Ko-ga-me CMM

CMM Provides In-Process Measurement without Setup, Breakdown
Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: The Mach Ko-ga-me coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Mitutoyo is designed to be fast, compact, lightweight and easy to mount, making it suitable for automated cells. 

Product Categories of Mitutoyo America Corporation

Calibration Equipment
Calibration Software
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Comparators, Optical & Other
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Portable
Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
Digital Readout (DRO) Units
Digitizing/Scanning Systems
Fixturing Systems
Flatness Measuring Equipment
Gages, Digital
Gages, Mechanical
Gear Inspection
Hardness Testing Equipment
Laser Measurement Systems
Linear Scales
Probes, Electromechanical
Quality & Measurement
Roundness Measuring Equipment
Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
Surface Finish Measuring Equipment
Surface Plates
Vision Systems
Weight Scales

Trade Names

ADS-2 Dig DRO System
AT Series Glass Linear Scales
Bright Strato Series
Coolant-proof Caliper
Crysta Apex Series
Crysta Plus Manual
Dial Indicators
Digimatic Quill Kit
Digital Indicators
Laser Scan Micrometer
Legex Series
Mach Series
PH Series
PJH Series
Quick Vision
Rockwell Type
Toolmakers Microscope