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NCCS' NCL multi-axis machining software.

NCCS's NCL CAM Software Reduces Machining Time
Westec 2019: NCL multi-axis machining software, developed by NCCS, blends automated and user-controlled toolpath generation techniques said to reduce programming time and increase quality.

PostWorks 17.2. 

PostWorks 17.2 Generates NC Code for Variety of Machines
NCCS Corp.’s PostWorks 17.2 is a universal postprocessor that generates NC code for a variety of machines.

NCL with Volumill

NCL with VoluMill Gets an Add-On Making Bulk Material Removal More Efficient
NCCS Corp. has developed an add-on module to NCL with VoluMill, its multi-axis machining software used in the aerospace, automotive and turbo-machinery industries, to enable high-speed bulk material removal.


STEP Converter Integrates with Multi-Axis Machining Software
NCCS offers an add-on module for converting data such as 3D curves and surfaces into and out of its NCL multi-axis machining software.

Enhanced Multi-Axis Machining Software
 NCL multi-axis machining software V9.8 includes enhancements that reduce programming time and increase toolpath efficiency.

Enhanced Capabilities For Multi-Axis Machining
NCL V9. 7 is said to speed the creation of efficient, multi-axis tool paths for use in the aerospace, automotive and turbo-machinery industries. A forging can be used as a stock model to reduce both programming and machine time when roughing parts.

airliner cover plate

CAM System Adapts To Changing Needs
Fast, accurate programming can save time and money for any manufacturer. For a provider of contract programming services, however, choosing the right CAM software is even more important. Available from Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS), the NCL CAM package enables one programming company in the United Kingdom to handle work ranging from everyday machining to complex, five-axis jobs.

Stainless steel rib

CAM System Cuts Aerostructure Programming Time In Half
During the recent economic downturn, this aerospace manufacturer decided to invest in a new CAM system to improve its competitiveness when demand returned. NCL CAM software from Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) enabled the shop to cut programming time by 50 percent.

A tapered cutter is used

Five-Axis Mold Making Software Keeps Tires Rolling
Unless it goes flat, a tire is something most of us take for granted. In fact, the process of making a tire is very specialized and is becoming more sophisticated all the time.

Wing skin panels

Getting The Job Done
This computer-aided manufacturing software package that generates simultaneous two- through five-axis NC tool paths and provides parametric 3D modeling. All geometric modeling and tool path functions are fully associative.

Communicating With The Machine Tool
If you continue to operate a bankrupt company in the same manner, you will continue to be bankrupt. This was the primary thought of Steve Brown before he acquired a failed stretch forming company in Gardena, California. Mr. Brown was President of Camarillo Dynamics, an aerospace machining company.

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