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THE MOST VERSATILE INDEXABLE CARBIDE CUTTERS IN THE WORLD! 30 DAY GUARANTEED FREE TRIAL ON SUPERBEE® AND NEW-LUBE® PRODUCTS ! 30-Day, No Obligation Trial: Would your like to try SUPERBEE® or NEW-LUBE® products for 30 days at no obligation?

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

SwiftCarb XT7 RampMill

End Mill’s Truncated Radius Avoids Wear
SwiftCarb offers its XT7 RampMill seven-flute end mill, with an end geometry that enables helical ramp engagement to 8 degrees in steel and exotic metals.

SwiftCarb Superbee inserts

Corner-Rounding Inserts Available in Metric Radii Sizes
SwiftCarb now offers additional metric radii sizes in its Superbee line of indexable corner-rounding inserts.

swiftcarb high-performance tooling in a variety of length options

End Mill Handbook Features Variety of Tool Lengths
Swiftcarb manufactures its high-performance tooling in length options at roughly every ½×diameter.

high feed mill

When Spindle Speed is a Constraint
Though it won’t replace high speed machining, Boeing sees “low speed machining” as a viable supplement to higher-rpm machines. Using new tools and techniques, a shop’s lower-rpm machining centers can realize much more of their potential productivity in milling aluminum aircraft parts.

 constant-engagement-angle cutting in action

The Promise of "High Cube" Machining
Tool paths and a new tool design provide an alternative to high speed machining for achieving high metal removal rates in hard metals on lighter-duty machines.

Video: Milling Inconel 718 Efficiently Without a Heavy Machine
This video of machining Inconel at a fast metal removal rate shows the effect of constant-engagement-angle milling.

Video: Milling Titanium 6-4 Efficiently Without a Heavy Machine
This video of machining titanium at a fast metal removal rate shows the effect of constant-engagement-angle milling.

High-Performance Carbide Cutting Tools
New Tech Cutting Tools manufactures Swift-Carb application-specific, high-performance carbide cutting tools. The tools are suited for cutting steels, exotics, high-nickel alloys, aluminum and nonferrous materials.

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New Lube
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