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Precision Workholding At Any Speed

Northfield Precision has been the leading manufacturer of precision air chucks and accessories for over 45 years.

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Northfield Precision Instrument Corp. internal grip collet chuck

Internal-Grip Chucks Strengthen Hold with Pull-Back Clamping
Eastec 2019: Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.’s line of custom internal-grip collet chucks features a 0.0001" total indicator reading (TIR) or less.

Northfield Precision Instrument chuck

Custom Submersible Chucks for Wire EDM
Northfield Precision Instrument produces custom, submersible chucks for use in wire EDM environments.

Northfield Precision Instrument Model 650

Custom Workholding Chuck Uses One Jaw
Not all chucks from Northfield Precision Instrument are off-the-shelf.

Northfield Precision Instrument internal-grip collet chuck

Collet Chuck Features Removable Part Stop
Northfield Precision Instrument Corp. offers an internal-grip collet chuck originally designed to help a customer clamp the internal diameter of valve balls.

Northfield Precision Moedl 870 sliding-jaw air chuck

Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck Grips Square, Rectangular Parts
Northfield Precision’s Model 870 sliding-jaw air chuck features two moving jaws for gripping square or rectangular parts with 0.0001 TIR.

Northfield Precision DPH1000W diaphragm chuck

Diaphragm Chuck Holds Two Workpieces
Northfield Precision’s DPH1000W 10" diaphragm chuck is capable of locating and clamping two workpieces with different location datums.

Northfield Precision Model 650 sliding-jaw air chuck

Air Chuck Grips Gears
Northfield Precision’s Model 650 sliding-jaw air chuck, with 0.0001" TIR, features quick-change jaws and a hard stop.

Northfield Precision model DPH-900 chuck

Chuck Grips Two Diameters
Northfield Precision’s model DPH-900 chuck features a double-diaphragm design capable of gripping two different diameters on the top and bottom.

Northfield Precision Instrument model NF-800 standard sliding jaw chuck

Sliding Jaw Chuck Can Be Customized
Northfield Precision Instrument’s model NF-800 standard sliding jaw chuck can be customized, depending on customer needs.

model 450 air chuck from northfield

Air Chuck with Top Tooling Improves Machine Efficiency
Northfield Precision Instrument offers the model 450 custom-designed air chucks to improve machine efficiency.

Air-Actuated Collet Chuck
Northfield Precision’s 5C collet chuck is interchangeable with its 4" chucks.

Air Chuck Uses Four-Port Air Tube
Northfield’s model 450WHF chuck features a special four-port air tube and piston to enable open, close, autolube and air-detect functions.

Northfield Precision

High Speed Balancing Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument’s high speed balancing chuck locates a universal joint using built-in V-blocks and two diaphragm jaws. The jaws and blocks center the workpiece while two arms slide down to face clamp.


High/Low Chucking
 Northfield Precision announces the development of two methods of high/low chucking: “on the fly,” and “cycle interrupt. ” Using a proprietary valve system, delicate parts can be rough machined and finished in one chucking. The cycle starts with the jaws clamping at high pressure for roughing, then dropping down to low pressure for finishing.

Finished part 1

Diaphragm Chucks Break A Bottleneck
Finding a better way to hold the part meant more parts per shift, better tool life and improve surface finish.


Aligning Critical Bores
A chuck/fixture combo enables a gage maker to drill perfectly aligned holes in dial indicator housings.

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