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NSK America iSpeed 3 electric spindles

Electric Spindles for Swiss-Type Lathes
Eastec 2019: NSK America’s iSpeed 3 electric motor spindles are deisgned to enable Swiss-type CNC machines to mill at speeds up to 80,000 rpm with a spindle accuracy of less than 1 micron TIR.

Spindles Transform Low-Speed Mills into High-Speed Machines
IMTS 2018: The HES810 series of high-speed electric spindles from NSK America Corp. is intended to convert low speed CNC machines into high-speed machining centers.

NSK America Appoints Regional Distributor
Factory Link is based in Ohio and will serve several states in the region.

High-Speed Machine Spindles Reduce Cycle Times
Designed to reduce cycle times in a variety of operations, NSK America’s HES series of machine spindles includes two models programmable from 5,000 to 80,000 rpm.

NSK America iSPeed3

iSPeed3 Spindles With Sensorless Motors
NSK’s iSpeed3 spindles feature sensorless motors, a compact footprint and diameters ranging from 19.05 to 25 mm (0.75" to 0.98").

NSK Establishes Subsidiary
The company expects to grow its automotive businesses.

Motors, Spindles, Micro-Grinders Designed for Precision, Reliability
NSK America’s catalog highlights the iSpeed3, E3200, and E400 series spindles.

New Facility For NSK
NSK America, a provider of high speed machine tool spindles, has moved into a new facility in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

NSK Focuses on Sustainability
NSK Corporation (Ann Arbor, Michigan), a manufacturer of bearings and other motion components and a member of the NSK Ltd. group of companies, has implemented and standardized a new environmental policy to raise sustainability standard within its North American operations.

Spindle Series for High Speeds
The iSpeed3 spindle features shorter length, higher speed live tooling for Swiss-type automatic lathes and super-compact machines.

Short, Compact Spindles
The company offers short, compact spindles designed for use on CNC turn-mill centers. The EMS-3060A is 124-mm long, and it features an electric motor and 60,000 rpm. The PMS-3020A is 105-mm long, features an air motor and 20,000 rpm.

Multiple air bearing spindles

Air Bearing Spindles For Very High Speed Operations
To optimize lathe capabilities to include very high speed machining operations, this company has integrated a non-contact air bearing into its air-powered spindle design to allow speeds up to 160,000 rpm.

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