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AquaTec 7655 Offers High Emulsion Stability

Jenny Rush Modern Machine Shop

Oelheald US Inc. has released AquaTec 7655, a water-miscable cooling lubricant suitable for high-capacity machining.

Oelheld's SintoGrind HHS-X 1400 Oil Benefits HSS Grinding

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

IMTS Spark: Oelheld’s SintoGrind HSS-X 1400 grinding fluid is said to fill a gap in the market for high-performance fluids for high speed steel (HSS) applications.

Vomat's UBF Vacuum Belt Filter Processes Ultra-Fine Particles from Cutting Fluids

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

The UBF vacuum belt filter from Vomat, a division of Oelheld, filters ultra-fine particles from oil and water-based coolants.

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