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Company Profile

Close tolerance, high production, and long life are the features of LMT Onsrud cutting tools. Our tools mill and drill metal, composite, plastic, as well as natural and man-made wood material found in the aerospace, medical, energy, boating, plastic, and furniture industries. Our manufacturing capabilities allow LMT Onsrud to produce PCD, solid carbide, high speed steel and carbide tipped tools. In-house coating capabilities allow for quick application of high tech coatings that improve tool life. When quality and reliability with an innovative touch are the answer to your needs, LMT Onsrud is there with the right tool and professional application knowledge to make it work!

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

robots at Mazak's EMO 2019 booth

5 Impressions of EMO 2019, from Automated to Autonomous Manufacturing
The robot show? Not quite that. But automation and the expectation of processes that can run unattended if needed are clearly core to manufacturing now.

LMT Onsurd MXR

LMT Onsrud's MXR and HXR End Mills Engineered for Machining Inconel
LMT Onsrud LP’s MXR and HXR end mills are designed to meet the challenges of machining Inconel and other nickel-based materials.

LMT Onsrud 66-750 semi-finishing router

Tool Series Expanded with Routers, End Mills, Engravers
LMT Onsrud LP has expanded offerings in seven of its product series, including DFC routers, solid carbide end mills and PCD engravers.

single-flute spiral cutting tool from LMT Onsrud

Single-Flute Spiral Cutting Tools
LMT Onsrud offers balanced single-flute spiral cutting tools.

Compression cutting tool for composites

Cutters Compress To Effectively Machine Composites
The combined up-cut and down-cut spiral flutes on these cutters compress layered composites to prevent delamination during machining.

What Is The Most Productive End Mill In Titanium?
Boeing experts recently responded to this question when it was submitted through our Aerospace Machining Zone

Smooth Deburring Of Composites
The new range of Tuff Core deburring cutters from LMT Onsrud is designed to cut smooth, straight and burr-free edges in composite materials such as the carbon-reinforced plastics (CFK) used in the aircraft and automobile industries. Two different carbide substrates protect the tools against the abrasive character of composite materials. The tool core’s higher cobalt content is said to guarantee precision, even when faced with demanding tension conditions in the material.

End Mills Quickly Machine Aluminum
A line of high-performance end mills for aluminum materials consists of two- and three-flute tools for roughing and finishing applications. This line, manufactured by Onsrud Cutter, also includes a selection of corner radii and neck and flute lengths. The large “sweet spot” of the tools allows for virtually chatter-free machining at high rpm and on heavy cuts.

composite exit defect

How To Machine Composites, Part 4 -- Drilling Composites
Achieving acceptable tool life and hole quality in a material such as CFRP demands a drill designed with composites in mind.

guitar body machined on a CNC

CNC Machining Fuels Guitar Innovations
Could Ron Thorn produce a gorgeous electric guitar completely by hand? Sure. Would he now that he has a “metalworking” CNC machine tool? Probably not.

Product Categories of LMT Onsrud LP

Collets for Toolholding
Diamond Tools
End Mills