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Company Profile

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a leading developer of CAD/CAM solutions for designing and manufacturing complex moulds and parts.

World-leading Software Technologies for Digital Manufacturing

The well-known CAM solution hyperMILL is an extremely dynamic programming system with 2D, 3D, HSC and 5axis modules that are simple and easy to use.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

HyperMill Five-Axis Modules Simplify Complex Part Machining

HyperMill Five-Axis Modules Simplify Complex Part Machining
Open Mind’s HyperMill CAM software includes powerful five-axis milling modules that decrease machining times for complex parts, as happened at NDK Paragon.

Screenshot of HyperMill CAD/CAM software from Open Mind Technologies

On IMTS spark, Software Programs Increase Efficiency in All Areas of a Machine Shop
Software systems that streamline processes, optimize toolpaths and enhance data collection are helping shops improve efficiency from the front office to the shop floor. Here are a few manufacturing software products to be found within IMTS spark.

HyperMill 2020 Updates Include Advanced Automation Center

HyperMill 2020 Updates Include Advanced Automation Center
Open Mind hyperMill 2020 CAD/CAM software incorporates an advanced automation center and user-friendly enhancements to simplify the machining process.

HyperMill's CAD Access, Reuse Technology Eases Data Transfer

HyperMill's CAD Access, Reuse Technology Eases Data Transfer
Hoops Exchange, a CAD data access and reuse technology, will be integrated into HyperCAD-S and HyperMill to ease transfer of CAD and product manufacturing information (PMI) data between applications.

Open Mind's HyperMill CAD/CAM Software Optimizes Tool Paths

Open Mind's HyperMill CAD/CAM Software Optimizes Tool Paths
IMTS Spark: The latest versions of HyperMill CAD/CAM software from Open Mind Technologies encompass a range of user-friendly enhancements and new machining strategies.

Open Mind's HyperMill 2020.1 Provides Improved Five-Axis Strategies

Open Mind's HyperMill 2020.1 Provides Improved Five-Axis Strategies
Open Mind Technologies has introduced HyperMill 2020.1, featuring enhancements to 3D and 5-Axis Machining for complex part manufacturing.

Blue Photon

September 2019 Product Spotlight: EMO Hannover
Catch a preview of some of the metalworking technologies to be on display at EMO Hannover next week in this special product spotlight. 

Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill 2019.2.

HyperMill 2019.2 Saves Time on Finishing Processes
Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill 2019.2 includes high-precision 3D finishing, five-axis tangent machining, high-performance turning and CAD-for-CAM technologies.

Open Mind's HyperMill CAM Software.

Open Mind Technologies' HyperMill CAM Software Enables Real-Time Synchronization and Simulation
EMO 2019: Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software was developed with Industry 4.0 in mind.

HyperMill and Emuge circle segment end mill

Emuge, Open Mind Team Up to Present Five-Axis Workshop
The event will take place June 12, 2019, at Emuge’s North American corporate headquarters and technology center in Boylston, Massachusetts.

aerospace part

Open Mind, Grob Systems to Host Joint Seminar on Five-Axis Machining
The free seminar will take place June 4, 2019 in Auburn, Washington, at Machine Tools Northwest. 

Open Mind HyperMill 2019.1

CAD/CAM Suite Eliminates Cycle Recalculation Requirements
Eastec 2019: Open Mind’s HyperMill 2019.1 has a range of new features and enhancements including expanded modules, process optimizations, a new function for reducing calculation times, tool database flexibility, and CAD optimization.

Open Mind’s HyperMill Version 2019.1.

CAD/CAM Updates Expand Finishing Functions, Ease Job Management
Open Mind has released HyperMill 2019.1, the latest version of the CAD/CAM suite, with an expanded finishing module in the the HyperMill Maxx Machining performance package.

Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill Mill-Turn Machining module.

Mill-Turn Module Supports Third-Axis Swiveling Head
The HyperMill Mill-Turn Machining module, created by Open Mind Technologies, combines turning and milling functions to promote optimal process reliability and efficient use of machines and tools.

Linda Tool - Modern Machine Shop

Maximizing Machines, Empowering the Machinist: The Art of Shop Floor Efficiency
When the Great Recession hit Linda Tool, leadership for the 66-year-old machine shop decided against cutting staff. Instead, they made a series of strategic investments and decisions around five-axis machining that has allowed them to scale up the business without increasing headcount.

performance racing helmet

Basketball Hoop, Bald Eagle and Racing Helmet: All Thanks to HyperMill
From basketball hoops to racing helmets, Open Mind Technologies highlights the range of products its HyperMill CAM software can machine at its IMTS 2018 booth.  

part built through collaboration between Open Mind and Okuma

Open Mind Joins Partners in THINC
Okuma and Open Mind have collaborated on four- and five-axis projects for various Okuma machines.

Open Mind Technologies will display its HyperMill CAM software at IMTS 2018.

CAM Software Improves Workflow, Enables Machine Simulation
IMTS 2018: Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software includes a range of features: greater blending capabilities, 3D-optimized roughing and finishing, global fitting, rotational abilities for CAD electrode applications and virtual machining simulation. 

Heidenhain Open Mind partnership

Heidenhain, Open Mind Partner to Connect CAM Simulator, CNCs
Open Mind’s Connected Machining module will enable networked Heidenhain TNC controls to be run from remote locations.

Screenshot of the bracket in HyperMill’s CAM system

CAM Software Helps Shop Five-Axis Machine Aerospace Part
A five-axis machine and HyperMill CAM software from Open Mind Technologies gave a shop the ability to meet the tight tolerances required for the camera-mounting brackets on a NASA satellite mission.

CAD/CAM software screenshot

CAD/CAM Software Optimizes Roughing with High-Feed Cutters
Open Mind has released version 2018.1 of its HyperMill CAD/CAM software suite

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