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Laser Positioning System for Precise Calibration
Optodyne’s LDS1000HS laser positioning measurement and feedback system is designed to provide high speed, high accuracy and long-range positioning for single- or multiple-axis applications.

Laser Calibration System for PCB Drilling Machine Positioning
Optodyne’s single-aperture MCV-500 laser system is a complete laser calibration package for static calibration, compensation and dynamic measurement of CNC machine tools, CMMs, and large, five-axis machines.

Laser Calibration System for 3D Volumetric Error Compensation
Optodyne says its MCV-500 is an efficient and complete laser calibration package for 3D volumetric error compensation of CNC machine tools, coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), and large, five-axis, gantry-type machines for the aerospace industry.


3D Or Three-Axis Calibration: What’s The Difference?
Guarding against errors in the volumetric positioning of a machine tool is critical to machining contours and other 3D surfaces accurately.

The calibration system

Laser System Checks CMMs For Accuracy
A CMM maker describes the laser system it uses to calibrate and service its machines.


Keeping Accuracy Within Reach
Part quality is at risk if a machining center cannot hold tolerances at the farthest reaches of its work envelope. This makes volumetric accuracy a key indicator of a machine's performance. One machine tool builder discusses the implications.

MCV4000 laser calibration system

Laser Calibration Insures Machine Tool And CMM Accuracy
Because it makes large precision-machined components for the aerospace, defense, medical, scientific, electronic, marine and petroleum industries, which require tight tolerances, laser calibration is a competitive advantage for this manufacturer.


Improving Productivity With Calibration
Shop managers have understood the benefits of volumetric calibration and compensation of machine tools for a while, but the technique rarely has been used because it has been too expensive and too complicated.

MCV-500 Laser Calibration System

Laser Calibration Analyzes Accuracy Of The Entire Machine Tool
As customers require higher accuracy and compliance with quality initiatives, such as ISO 9000, TQM and predictive maintenance, machine tool accuracy checks have become more important for job shops.

Laser Calibration System Verifies Linear And Circular CNC Accuracy
How do you document that your CNC machine tool is within tolerance? That's becoming a very familiar question as more and more companies implement quality assurance programs, such as ISO 9000, TQM and predictive maintenance.

Do-It-Yourself Machine Tool Calibration
The trend toward higher accuracy parts continues largely because manufacturers are finding that higher accuracy parts reduce assembly time and lower warranty costs. The machine tools have to be kept within tolerance, which means calibration at regular intervals.  

Predictive Maintenance And Machine Tool Calibration Techniques
Here are some of the tools and techniques for making sure machine tools stay at peak performance levels.

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