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Threaded Shank Drills for Aerospace Assembly

The Precision Twist Drill cutting tools have stood for quality and consistency for many years in North America and around the globe. Sold under the Precision Twist Drill brand, Dormer Pramet manufactures has a wide selection of aerospace products manufactured to National Aerospace Standards (NAS) as published by AIA (Aerospace Industries Association of America).

The standard threaded shank drill portfolio has expanded in recent years to included additional sizes and lengths.

Available in high speed steel and cobalt, the selection is manufactured to NAS 965 Type B and NAS 965 Type D standards. Options include wire gauge, fractional and letter sizes while lengths are available in stub, short and long.

The wide offer of threaded shanks ensures a quality product to meet the wide demand of airframe and assembly needs within the aerospace manufacturing sector.

Browse the full threaded shank cutting tool offer and read more about the specific NAS manufacturing standards on our Aerospace product page.

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A Message from Dormer Pramet

Company Profile

Dormer Pramet brings together a comprehensive program of rotary and indexable tooling with more than 150 years of industry experience.

<p>Value and Versatility from Your One-Stop Manufacturer of Cutting Tools</p>

The Pramet Penta HF, High Feed Milling Cutter from Dormer PrametThe latest positive axial rake, high feed cutter from Dormer Pramet allows it to be applied with multiple materials across various applications.

High Productivity Deep Hole Drilling

The Cobalt High Speed Steel Dormer PFX Parabolic Flute  ​​Experience the high productivity of the Dormer PFX premium cobalt high speed steel drills, available in screw machine, jobber, taper and extra-length designs.

Your Go-to Jobber Drill - the Precision Twist Drill HX

The Precision Twist Drill HX delivers quality and reliability.  ​The Precision Twist Drill brand has been around since 1952 and its quality and consistency continues with the HX series of High Speed Steel jobber drills.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Dormer Pramet Offers Versatile Stainless Steel Insert Array
Dormer Pramet’s range of stainless steel cutters and inserts optimizes productivity on low-power machines, while also offering versatility for different cutting conditions and applications.

Dormer Pramet HX Jobber Drills Boost Efficiency and Rigidity
Dormer Pramet's HX high-speed steel jobber drills feature a combination of substrate and drill angle that reduces thrust requirements and increases rigidity.

Dormer Pramet Offers Cutting Tools for Maintenance, Repair Applications
Dormer Pramet offers a range of cutting tools and accessories aimed at maintenance and repair (MRO), including drills, taps, dies, reamers, end mills and rotary burrs.

Dormer Pramet's GL Tool Designed for Long-Grooving Applications
Dormer Pramet has added a new set of tooling to its parting-off and grooving assortment. 

Dormer Pramet's SNGX11 Insert Enables High-Feed Milling in Steel
The double-sided SNGX11 insert from Dormer Pramet is capable of high-feed milling with a depth of cut ranging to 0.07".

The Pramet ISBN10 Cutter with BNGX10 and ANHX10 inserts.

Pramet's ISBN10 Enables Various High-Feed Milling Techniques
Pramet’s ISBN10 cutters are suitable for high feed milling, copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging.

Wetmore shop front

Dormer Pramet Acquires Wetmore
Wetmore specializes in the supply of precision cutting tools, including handheld skin drilling applications used by several aerospace organizations.

Dormer Pramet’s PrecisionLight range of HSS drills and carbide rotary burrs.

Drill and Burr Series Offers Various Geometries for MRO
Dormer Pramet has released a selection of HSS drills and carbide rotary burrs designed to meet the needs of the maintenance and repair professional.

Dormer Pramet, Force M Solid Carbide Drills

Solid Carbide Drill Range Designed for ISO-M Materials
Dormer Pramet has extended its Solid Carbide Force X program with the Force M range, designed for stainless steel applications.

Pramet M4303 and M4310 milling grades.

High-Speed Milling Grades Provide Durability, Reliability
Dormer Pramet has released their latest high-performance grades for milling hard materials.

Helical AD

Helical Milling Tool Now Available in Inch Sizes
The Dormer Pramet shoulder milling range has been expanded with inch cutters, geometries and inserts.

Dormer Pramet will display its Precision Twist Drill series of drilling tools at IMTS 2018.

Drills Meet Key Aerospace Standard
IMTS 2018: Dormer Pramet’s Precision Twist Drill series of drilling tools are manufactured according to National Aerospace Standards (NAS).

The Whittemore Co. Distributes Four New Cutting Tool Brands
The company now offers Precision Twist Drill, Dormer, Pramet and Union Butterfield cutting tools.

Dormer Pramet Launches Webinar Series
The first three sessions, geared toward sales, tech support and customer support audiences, are now available for registration, covering tapping, inserts and solid carbide tool applications. 

Material-specific taps

Color-Coded Taps for Different Materials
Dormer Pramet’s Shark line of material-specific taps are said to offer high performance and process security.

Dormer-brand solid tools and Pramet-brand indexables display

Indexable Tools Bring Solid Job Shop Returns
An event in the heart of Europe sheds light on how the company behind Precision Twist Drill and other venerable solid-round-tool brands aims to break into the North American indexable-insert market.

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter for Multipurpose Operations
Dormer Pramet’s Econ LN square shoulder milling cutter provides positive axial geometry that promotes lower cutting forces and smoother machining.

Dormer Pramet MP-X

Drill Eliminates Pecking, Reduces Cost Per Hole
Building on Dormer Pramet’s high-performance, solid-carbide MP-X 3×D and 5×D drills, the company’s coolant-through 8×D drill is designed to reduce machining time by eliminating the pecking process.

Dormer Tools, Pramet Tools Merge
The merger brings together the companies’ lines of rotary tools and indexable inserts, along with service and support resources.

Precision Dormer Hydra solid carbide relplaceable head

Expanded Drill Range Provides an Alternative to Solid Carbide Drills
Precision Dormer has expanded its Hydra solid carbide replaceable-head drilling program range, which is an alternative to solid carbide drills.

Precision Dormer Appoints New President
Andrew Hunter will have full leadership responsibilities for North American markets.

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Trade Names

Precision Twist Drill
Union Butterfield