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Machine tool styli manufactured in the USA by Q-Mark Manufacturing Inc.

NEW from Q-Mark!

Zeiss CMM users with VAST probe heads are delighted with this new tool from Q-Mark.

NEW from Q-Mark!

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CMM Diamond Styli

Diamond Styli from Q-Mark Effective for Probing Hard, Abrasive and Soft Materials
Q-Mark’s diamond stylus, offered in all standard thread sizes and configurations, can be used when measuring hard, abrasive or very soft surfaces.

Stylus Holder Increases Rigidity, Decreases Weight
IMTS 2018: Q-Mark’s ultralight M2 right-angle stylus holder is used to measure internal grooves and perpendicular bores.

Q-Mark adjustable stylus holder

CMM Stylus Holder Increases Flexibility
An adjustable stylus holder from Q-Mark positions CMM probes at various angles without the use of rotary adapters.

Inspection Styli Features Silicon Nitride
The company offers CMM styli with drilled silicon nitride balls measuring1-mm or larger.

Star Probes Feature Removable Styli
The company’s ultra-light CMM star probes are designed with removable styli. Sometimes tactile CMMs use star probes that often have five ruby ball styli to access virtually all exposed sides of a workpiece being measured. In traditional star probes, if just one ruby ball stylus is damaged, the entire star probe must be replaced, the company says.

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