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REAL TIME • REAL QUICK • REAL PROFITS Realtrac Performance ERP is a software company specializing in manufacturing software for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order manufacturers.

Realtrac Performance ERP

Realtrac is the recognized industry leader in real-time shop floor control for job shop manufacturers.

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Meaningful Growth Requires Cost Tracking, Traceability and Scalability

Meaningful Growth Requires Cost Tracking, Traceability and Scalability
In order to achieve the owners’ vision of using their shop as part of a community-focused nonprofit, Hastreiter Industries first had to achieve enough ERP sophistication to grow.

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Digital Scheduling Whiteboard Updates Automatically
Eastec 2017: Realtrac ERP’s RightBoard is a digital whiteboard designed for simplicity and ease of use.

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Shop Management Software Benefits Small-, Medium-Size Companies
Elite Manufacturing was unknowingly overpricing its bids until the company purchased an ERP software program. Since its installation, the company has seen increased profitability as well as growth.

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ERP Software Improves Aerospace Shop’s Operational Efficiency
Talsco Manufacturing Inc. improved its operational efficiency by implementing new ERP modules from Realtrac.

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Software Helps Small Machine Shop Become Lean Manufacturer
This CNC machine shop searched for software that would help make the transition to lean manufacturing easier.

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Shop Floor Computers Help Machine Shop Manager Growth
The management team at this CNC machining facility realized that the company's shop software was inadequate to manage the rapid growth the company was experiencing.

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Precision Metal Fabricator Depends On Multimedia Software To Maintain
Electrolabs, Inc., used to have problems making sure that machine and tooling setups were done right the first time and that parts were assembled correctly. Then the company began using the Realtrac real-time shop management system and is now able to utilize the improved multi-media capability of Realtrac to link actual pictures of parts to jobs and router operations.

Precision Metal Fabricator Increases On-Time Delivery With Shop Control
AR had implemented a Realtrac shopfloor control system from Realtrac Division in 1988 in order to assure customers it could control its operations.

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ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
ERP for Standard Products Manufacturing
Job Estimating Software
Quality Documentation Software
Software, Other Manufacturing

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