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Rego-Fix's reCool ERax Gives Lathes Coolant Capability

Rego-Fix's reCool ERax Gives Lathes Coolant Capability
Rego-Fix’s reCool ERax is designed to give conventional lathes coolant-through capabilities with minimal interference and minimal loss of machining range.

Rego-Fix's PG-Cryo Applies Cryogenic Cooling to PowrGrip Toolholder

Rego-Fix's PG-Cryo Applies Cryogenic Cooling to PowrGrip Toolholder
Rego-Fix has introduced the Cryo-PowrGrip (PG-Cryo), a cryogenic coolant technology based on its PowrGrip system.

robots at Mazak's EMO 2019 booth

5 Impressions of EMO 2019, from Automated to Autonomous Manufacturing
The robot show? Not quite that. But automation and the expectation of processes that can run unattended if needed are clearly core to manufacturing now.

Rego-Fix's Heavy Duty secuRgrip holder.

Rego-Fix's Securgrip Toolholders Prevent Cutter Slippage
Made to fit with existing Powrgrip clamping units, Rego-Fix’s heavy duty Securgrip toolholders are designed to prevent cutter pullout during machining operations. 

Rego-Fix Torco-Block

What If You Don’t Have a Torque Wrench?
This device ensures that ER collets are torqued to the proper value using any type of wrench.

Ribbon cutting at Rego-Fix

From Universal Tool Clamping to Automated Presetting
The opening of Rego-Fix's new U.S. headquarters caps a long series of developments in precision tool clamping technology.

zoller tool clamping and measurement cell

Automated Tool Clamping, Measurement
This system combines tool presetting with tool clamping to automatically set, measure and clamp tools.

investment casting

When a Turn-Mill Doesn’t Turn
LeanWerks uses innovative probing, tooling and workholding strategies to enable its turn-mill to machine castings complete, in effect turning it into a five-axis machining center.


Strict Tooling Policy Ensures Engraving Shop’s Quality
True Mark Engraving Co. needed precise toolholders to improve the working life of its cutters. Rego-Fix fit the bill.

Dillon’s hard jaws

Houstex 2015 Preview Slideshow
Click through the slideshow to see a selection of technologies to be displayed at Houstex in advance of the February 24-26 trade show.

Securgrip locking key

Expanded Anti-Pullout System Enables Secure Titanium Milling with ER Collet Systems
Because of the extreme forces involved in machining titanium and other hard metals, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid pullout—the tendency for a cutting tool such as an end mill to gradually loosen in its holder and possibly be twisted out entirely.

Rego-Fix Securgrip anti-pullout toolholding system

Toolholding System Works with Any ER Collet System
Rego-Fix offers new versions of its Securgrip anti-pullout toolholding system, designed for use in virtually any ER collet system as well as with Rego-Fix milling chucks.

Modern Machine Shop cover October 2014

Adopting a 24/7 Mindset
This shop considered a number of factors before establishing an effective process to run an HMC cell around the clock for applications in aerospace, oilfield and other industries.

Rego-Fix reCool system

Through-Coolant Retrofit Capability for Live Tooling Heads
The reCool system from Rego-Fix is an alternative to through-coolant-dedicated live tooling heads that enables standard external-coolant live tooling heads to be quickly and easily equipped on turning machine turrets with through-coolant capability.

Quickly Give Live Tools Coolant-Through Capability
This retrofit system enables users to quickly and easily add through-tool coolant delivery on their live tooling.

Milling Chucks Reduce Run-Out
Rego-Fix’s millTite milling chucks are said to reduce run-out while increasing gripping force.

Toolholder Manufacturer Invests in the Future
The manufacturer of precision tooling components recently finished its expansion at its Swiss headquarters. It also managed to expand its appeal to a younger workforce.

Rego-Fix Rego Plus dual-contact toolholders

Toolholders Improve Rigidity, Machining Accuracy
Licensed by Big Daishowa, the Rego Plus line of dual-contact toolholders from Rego-Fix are said to be compatable with all Big Plus spindles and include a full line of ER and powRgrip system toolholders.

Seeing How Rego-Fix Expanded and Added Automation

Seeing How Rego-Fix Expanded and Added Automation
The manufacturer of precision tooling components recently expanded its Swiss headquarters integrating a good deal of automation as well as environmentally friendly initiatives.

Rego-Fix Rego Plus toolholders

Toolholders Improve Rigidity, Surface Finishes
Rego-Fix’s dual-contact Rego Plus toolholders are designed to improve TIR, tool rigidity, surface-finish quality and machine accuracies.

semi-finishing end mill

Micromachining Powder Metal on a VMC
By refining its micromachining process for powder metal tool steels, this shop has reduced production costs, lead times and secondary bench work for complex tooling components.

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