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Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, precision machining, additive manufacturing, and motion control.

Transform Your Manufacturing

From machine calibration and optimization products, machine tool probes and software, gauging systems, and measurement systems for CMMs, Renishaw provides process control solutions to maximize production output, to reduce significantly the time taken to produce and inspect components, and to keep machines running reliably and efficiently. 

Metal 3D Printing

Renishaw designs and manufactures additive manufacturing systems for manufacturing components in a variety of metals using a process called metal powder bed fusion (or laser melting). Our expertise in process development and our experience in using the technology in our own manufacturing operations enable us to provide turn-key and optimized additive manufacturing solutions for a broad range of applications in the industrial and healthcare sectors.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Renishaw's Free CARTO 4.2 Update Enhances XM-60

Renishaw's Free CARTO 4.2 Update Enhances XM-60
Renishaw’s CARTO 4.2 software suite provides new features for calibration equipment, notably extending the measurement range of the XM-60.

Resolute Encoders Improve RF Antenna Accuracy, Resolution

Resolute Encoders Improve RF Antenna Accuracy, Resolution
Renishaw and Pacific Antenna Systems have teamed up, using Resolute encoders to provide robust, accurate and versatile RF antennas.

Renishaw RFP Probe Adds to Revo Measurement System Flexibility

Renishaw RFP Probe Adds to Revo Measurement System Flexibility
IMTS Spark: Renishaw’s RFP probe adds non-contact structured light inspection to the multi-sensor capability of the Revo system.

Automated Part Setup Maximizes Machine Utilization for Additive Manufacturing

Automated Part Setup Maximizes Machine Utilization for Additive Manufacturing
MSP recently worked with Renishaw PLC to automate part setup and improve productivity for 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd., helping cut part setup time from 5 hours to 10 minutes.

Choosing the Best Abrasive Finishing Process for 3D Printed Parts
Studies have shown that abrasive finishing is flexible enough to finish 3D printed parts with complex geometries and difficult-to-machine materials, although the best process depends on a number of factors.

Drone Manufacturer Applies 3D Printing for More Efficient Engines

Drone Manufacturer Applies 3D Printing for More Efficient Engines
Cobra Aero's metal 3D printer has been running "practically non-stop" since it was purchased last year. Two major wins for this process.

OEMs and Job Shops See Metal Additive Manufacturing Differently
When should a machine shop consider production metal 3D printing? Part of the answer might be when that machine shop also does design. Cobra Aero is a small shop thriving with AM, because it’s also an OEM.

Renishaw Appoints New President

Renishaw Appoints New President
A 33-year industry veteran, Denis Zayia has worked for Renishaw since 1995. 

Shop Hands Over Gear Deburring to a Robot

Shop Hands Over Gear Deburring to a Robot
Manual deburring of gears was an odious task for many of Katsa’s machinists, which in turn created a bottleneck that caused delays. The solution: a custom robotic deburring cell from Flexmill relying on Renishaw’s RMP60 probe. 

Renishaw, Sandvik Collaborate on Validating AM Materials

Renishaw, Sandvik Collaborate on Validating AM Materials
Since 2018, the two companies have worked together to develop process parameters for a range of Sandvik metal powders.

Verisurf Announces Software Compatibility with Renishaw Five-Axis Probe

Verisurf Announces Software Compatibility with Renishaw Five-Axis Probe
Verisurf’s president and CEO explains that the development is part of the software company’s commitment to universal measurement device compatibility. 

API Swivelcheck

Product Spotlight: Measurement and Inspection
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on technologies for part measurement, tool setting and machine inspection. 

robots at Mazak's EMO 2019 booth

5 Impressions of EMO 2019, from Automated to Autonomous Manufacturing
The robot show? Not quite that. But automation and the expectation of processes that can run unattended if needed are clearly core to manufacturing now.

Fast Part Inspection Enables Quick Turnaround

Fast Part Inspection Enables Quick Turnaround
Renishaw probes, used both on and off the machine tool, helped Tridan Engineering turn a Rally car part in just 17 days. It previously would’ve taken months to complete and inspect.

Mitsubishi Interactive Cycle Insertion Screens.

Mitsubishi Electric's Interactive Cycle Insertion Screens Incorporate Renishaw GoProbe Macros
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Interactive Cycle Insertion screens on its M8 series of CNCs are designed to be used with Renishaw’s GoProbe macros.

LK Metrology Altera Scantek 5 CMM

LK Metrology's Altera Scantek 5 CMM Gathers 4,000 Data Points per Sec.
Coupled with Renishaw’s Revo-2 multi-sensor scanning system, LK Metrology’s Altera Scantek 5 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) performs five-axis inspection for dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Machining Demonstration Shows the Digital-Twin Concept in Action
A demonstration at IMTS 2018 showed that all of the pieces to meet the “Grand Challenge” are now in place, making so-called digital-twin manufacturing feasible for shops looking to streamline production of complex workpieces.

Renishaw Smart Factory

Metrology Technology Presented as "Smart Factory" Solutions
Eastec 2019: Renishaw is highlighting a range of its products as part of a “smart factory” strategy, focusing on metrology.

Renishaw, ¼ 20 imperial thread size

Metrology Fixture Range Gains ¼ 20 Imperial Thread Size
Renishaw has added a ¼ 20 imperial thread size to its existing metrology fixtures product range.

John Barnes, moderator; Rob Gorham, America Makes; Aaron Frankel, Siemens; Joe Inkenbrandt, Identify3D; Marc Saunders, Renishaw; and Will Herbert, Carpenter Technologies

How Is Digitalization Affecting the Manufacturing Supply Chain?
Leaders across the supply chain offered their thoughts during a recent panel presentation.

additive manufacturing part models

Renishaw, Altair Deepen Partnership for Additive Design, Manufacturing
The two teams will offer joint seminars, workshops and training events that demonstrate metal AM production from powder to part, with emphasis placed on throughput and machine productivity.

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