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Rimeco Products Kwik-Clamp: One “Quick-Change Mounting Solution” for all Workholding used on VMC's, Rotary Tables and 5th Axis Machines

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Rimeco Products line of Kwik-Clamp 4 Axis OnePro and 5 Axis OnePro are a one stop solution for mounting any workholding to a 4th Axis Rotary Table and a VMC or 5th Axis table.  The Kwik-Clamp is a pneumatically actuated system that uses a standard Cat 40 Retention Knob along with two Dowel Pins for location.  The system clamps with 2,000-4,000 pounds of pressure (depending on piston size purchased) and workholding can be exchanged and qualified in seconds rather than minutes.  By combining multiple operations into one process (Combinative Manufacturing), parts can be completed on two separate workholding fixtures in one Set-up.  The Workholding Fixtures can have the parts changed out outside of the machine, while the machine continues to run.  The concept is similar to a Pallet Changing System at a fraction of the cost.  Automation can be added and 100% up-time of any machine can be achieved, allowing valuable Machinists to focus on more important tasks.  The Kwik-Clamp systems are Made in America and Rimeco offers free Workholding Fixture design and modification consultations for all of our customers.

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Rimeco Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of the patent pending ParaKeep and ParaKeep 5S Kit.

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Rimeco Products ParaKeep

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Rimeco Products’ ParaKeep—short for Parallel Keeper—is designed to be used with any standard set of parallels on any machine vise.

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Trade Names

Kwik-Clamp 4 Axis OnePro
Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro
Kwik-Clamp Adapters
ParaKeep 5S Kit