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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Dead Centers Feature Interchangeable Points for Fast Setup
IMTS 2018: Riten Industries’s Quick Point dead centers complement the company’s Quick Point live centers.

Large, flanged shafts

With Face Drivers, Shop Faces Long Cycle Times Head On
By switching from jaw chucks to face drivers, a manufacturer of large shaft components was able to reduce the number of setups, cutting cycle times on some parts from days to hours.

Riten Adjusta-Point dynamic center

Live Center Adjusts for Off-Line Center Holes
Riten Industries offers its Adjusta-Point radial compensating live center to maintain center hole concentricity in shafts and other parts during milling and turning.

Compensating for a Bad Center Hole

Video: Compensating for a Bad Center Hole
Center hole drilled off-center? A compensating live center can save parts from becoming scrap.

the  modified Riten face driver held the Tuthill pump shafts on center despite the lower-than-anticipated tailstock force.

New Workholding Method Drives Production Efficiency
By replacing a three-jaw chuck and dead-center workholding model with a flange-mounted, mechanically compensating face driver from Riten Industries, Tuthill Corp. cut machining cycle time by about 39 percent.

Riten Raptor series live centers

Live Center for Gear Hobbing, Cutting and Grinding
Riten Industries offers its Raptor series of live centers for hobbing, cutting and grinding in gear applications.

Live Center Turns Ultra-Small Workpieces
Riten’s extra-light (X-Light) live center is designed to turn workpieces weighing as little as 2 ounces at speeds as fast as 8,000 rpm while holding concentricity of ±0.00005.

Live Centers for Aggressive Turning Applications
Riten’s redesigned CNC Sprint series live center features accuracy ranging to ±0.00004" and a full-length spindle for maximum rigidity.

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