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Rosler R 150 DL-2

Rotary Vibrator Suitable for Orthopedic Implant Finishing
Rosler’s R 150 DL-2 rotary vibrator is designed to avoid part-on-part contact for processing orthopedic implants, achieved by mounting workpieces to a fixture inside of the work bowl.

R 550/4600 DA machine

Vibratory Finishing System Handles Delicate Die Castings
Kovolis Hedvikov A.S. needed a flexible finishing process integrated into its existing production scheme. Rosler's continuous-feed vibratory system provided efficient finishing of large, delicate die castings.

robots for finishing

Mass Finishing in a Less Frenetic Fashion
While most finishing processes use a large vibratory tumbler, parts with complex or delicate features need a softer touch.

 Automated finishing process that uses one or more robots to immerse the workpieces into the agitated media.

Mass Finishing in a Less Frenetic Fashion
Finishing systems with robotic loading capability can enable complex parts to be deburred, polished or smoothed without bumping into each other and causing them to be damaged.

Rosler Surf

Surface Finishing System Shortens Cycle Times
Rosler’s Surf finishing machine uses an automated surface finishing process designed for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of components with complex geometries.

Rutten turbines for shot-blasting machines

Shot-Blasting Wheels Increase Media Flow
Rosler Metal Finishing offers Rutten long-life turbines for shot-blasting machines with its Curved C and Gamma Y throwing blades.

Rosler FKS centrifugal disk finisher

Disk Finisher for Deburring Applications
Rosler’s FKS centrifugal disk finisher is designed for deburring, surface grinding and radiusing applications as well as polishing stampings, castings and machined parts.

Rosler Z800 HA semi-automatic centrifuge

Semi-Automatic Centrifuge Reduces Water, Compound Consumption
Rosler’s Z800 HA semi-automatic centrifuge is designed for process water treatment and recirculation in mass finishing and wet blasting applications.

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