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With over 29 years expertise in CAM development and applications, SolidCAM started out as a fully integrated CAD/CAM system.

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Get the revolutionary iMachining from SolidCAM and save 70% and more in machining cycle time and extend tool life dramatically!

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Machining Module Optimizes Speeds and Feeds
SolidCAM’s iMachining technology module integrates into SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor to save cutting time and increase tool life.

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Retired Yet Inspired to Learn Machining
A retired engineer with no prior machining experience is learning how to be a machinist. His quickly increasing skillset demonstrates how new machining technology is becoming more capable and easier to pick up and apply.

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Inconel Meets Match in General-Purpose End Mill
This difficult Inconel application demonstrates that even some basic tool designs can perform admirably when paired with the right tool paths.

“Intelligent” CAM System Adapts to the Job

“Intelligent” CAM System Adapts to the Job
SolidCAM’s iMachining CAM software features an algorithm designed to eliminate potentially time-consuming, trial-and-error approaches to optimizing cutting parameters.

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CAM Benefits Extend Beyond the Tool Path
This CAM software not only provides an effective tool path strategy, but also takes application-specific variables into account when applying that strategy.

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Lights, Camera ... Cycle Start
A new show dramatically portrays real-life manufacturing and CNC machining. The pilot episode is now playing.

Machine STL Files With SolidCAM
SolidCAM has implemented STL cutting capability into SolidCAM2009. The module enables the user to directly machine STL files, which can be used in 3D scanning and rapid prototyping applications to describe 3D surface geometry. The module generates the stock box and the CAM part directly from the STL file.

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Under Pressure
Using an integrated, single-window solution can alleviate programming bottlenecks, making the transition from design to manufacturing smooth.

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