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Form Tools, Services Now Available
Somma Tool Co. announces complete services available to companies who use form tools.

Somma Tool broach toolholder

Broaching Toolholder Interchangeable with ER Collet Chucks
Eastec 2017: Somma Tool Co. offers a new style of broach toolholder designed to be interchangeable with any style of ER collet chuck.

Interchangeable Broach Toolholder for any ER Collet Chuck
PMTS 2017: Interchangeable among any style ER collet chuck, the compact, adjustment-free offset rotary broach toolholder will thread onto existing ER (16, 20, 25 and 32) collet chucks and features a built-in 1-degree wobble cutting edge for offset rotary broaching.

Broaches Prevent Chipping
Somma Tool Co.’s Forte line of broaches are made of the company’s new standard stock material, replacing M2.

Somma Tool Forte broaches

Rotary Broaches Resist Wear
Forte broaches from Somma Tool Co. are designed for high wear resistance for longer tool life and no chipping.


Collet-Chuck-Style Broach Tool Holders
The versatile collet-chuck-style broach toolholders use ER-style collets, which are said to reduce the time-consuming, three-screw method of centering a high speed steel broach in the broach toolholder. Also, an ER style collet can hold broaches with shanks of virtually any diameter within its range. For example, one holder can hold three different broach tools with varying shank diameters.

Collet Chuck-Style Broach Toolholders
The new collet chuck-style broach toolholders are said to be versatile because they use ER-style collets, which are designed to reduce the three-screw method of centering the HSS broach in the broach toolholder. The ER-style collet will hold virtually any diameter shank broach tool in the holder within the range of the collet.  A built-in stop screw allows the operator to adjust for different length broaches and to compensate for different lengths on re-sharpened broaches.

Combination Bar Puller Cutoff Tool

One Tool, Two Turning Functions
A combination bar puller and cutoff tool is an inexpensive way to enable short stretches of unattended turning while saving a turret position.

Cut-Off And Pulling Operation Performed By One Tool
The combination bar puller/cut-off tool for CNC from Somma Tool Company is built to reduce cycle times because there is no need to index between cut-off and pulling operations. A single screw adjustment allows the jaws to be set up and adjusted for the next job. One turn of the screw moves both jaws in or out exact

The Case For Quick Change On Multi-Spindles
Even in the world of long-running, high-volume production on cam-driven automatics, quick-change tooling makes sense.

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